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Friday 20 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kai

Makoto Kai is an accomplished draughtsman with a dark mind. This iconic rubber mask picture doesn't simply show a fetish, it explores the psychology as well without detracting from the eroticism of the picture.

Kai - Gas Masks

The hose connecting the two captives is not a new idea but the simple representation here expresses a clear relationship between them which is quite thought provoking. The technology attached to the squatting man at both ends is equally interesting, the use of the hose as a frame for the picture is intellectually pleasing - and the radioactivity warning sign shows a nice sense of humour (or if you prefer a very dark mind indeed!). Even if you are uninterested in all this stuff, the picture is sexy and memorable.

Kai - Acupunked

Kai's simple and elegant technique is a delight and in other pictures he draws more directly on the traditions of Japanese calligraphy to represent bodily fluids as curling waves, the example here gives an idea of this. And yet alongside all the refined artistry is a very intense and explicit S&M message which would please the most ardent enthusiast! It seems very Japanese.

Kai also has produced coloured pictures which are more representational but my final sample of his work remains in the graphic mode and nicely complements my own fascination with rugby players with a twist of humour.

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