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Sunday 22 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Nigel Kent

Nigel Kent represents fetish with a capital 'F'. He is not a story-teller, his pictures are focussed firmly on bondage and leather presented in a very intense form.
Kent - Tattoos and thongs
The image is usually a close up view - often exquisitely detailed and the participants are smothered in ropes or thongs and the whole range of leather fetish wear, accessories and attachments. He delights in the effect of body parts bulging under the constraint of bondage ropes and strapping.
Kent - Master A
The observer is not conscious of the bodies themselves - are they muscular? hairy? - you don't really notice. Likewise the faces are usually obscured by masks or cropped by the edge of the picture so their personalities don't intrude either - it's all about the fetish and the sex. Master A shown above illustrates this in a way, but actually shows far more personality than most of Kent's subjects, both in the face and clothing.
Kent - Bodybag
Kent's technique is highly accomplished, a sort of blurry pointillism which creates marvellous texturing effects in denim and cotton garments. It contributes to the stunningly crisp detail in Master A's belt. When used for leather and skin tones the effect is less effective in representational terms but instead, imparts a slightly unreal, unfocussed appearance to the image as a whole which is quite atmospheric.
There's a bio of the artist, a short article about his technique and a selection of pictures at Nigel Kent at TOF Foundation. The Leather Archives blog also has a Nigel Kent bio. A search of the GMBA archives (link in sidebar) or other art groups will probably turn up more examples.
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Anonymous said...

The first pic is done very well. The details are staggering!And I love Shibari,the elaborate Japanese style of bondage...