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Sunday 15 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 6 - Black Shorts and Hooped Socks

For the last in this series (at least for now) I revisit 'Bound Guys' one of my current favourite sites. In previous examples there is a bit of a cloning effect on different guys. These pictures show that the same clothes (shorts and socks) can look remarkably different on different men.
Simon of Bound Guys

On Simon (picture 1) the hoops on the socks show off the shape of his legs nicely. The combination of the unusual black and yellow pattern with the knitted hat and hairy chin and legs creates a casual, youthful, almost hippie-like appearance which is very sexy. In contrast, the shorts seem to contribute little but the square-cut legs subtly highlight a thick muscular thigh.
Marco in the same gear

On Marco (picture 2) the same garments produce a very 'buttoned up' clean and neat effect. The shorts come into their own here showcasing thighs and suggesting a nice shaped bottom. The crease-free socks add bulk to the lower leg and draw attention to the absence of footwear....and of ankle bindings which would extend the pattern of hoops further down the legs. If this is a deliberate design by the photographer it's genius!
Link:- Bound Guys

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