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Saturday 14 November 2009

Men sharing clothes 5 - White G-strings

Dean Lahr in G-string

I think the G-string/posing pouch is a much neglected item of apparel. I know many hate them and it's not real clothing of course but I find them sexy provided that they look 'right', i.e. clean and crisp and showing off the lumpy shape inside. The diminutive dimensions may frustrate size enthusiasts anxious to see the model's true potential, but they suggest constraint to me and a hint of humiliation (as in “You don't expect me to get into that do you?”).

Billy Joe Carr in the same

As far as the 'sharing clothes' theme goes you could hardly conceive a more intimate garment. The men in these pictures from WPG studio (Link:Western Photography Guild) ) sure know how to wear them!

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