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Saturday 14 January 2012

Mitchells' A-Z of Fetish Artists - Platter

Platter - Statues
Sean Platter is a professional illustrator of some note, his older work is often lushly sensuous beefcake, like 'Statues' above. The captive beauty of statues has inspired artists and randy adolescents alike for centuries. Closer inspection of the copulating couple artwork reveals patches of natural skin colouration, are they about to come to life? Etienne famously played with this theme - and Mozart in 'Don Giovanni'. The ghostly treatment of the other background statues, draped with dust sheets suggests something more sinister, is the hunk about to be recruited into their ranks?

Platter - Leather Prisoner
You can see the same mind at work in 'Leather Prisoner' (my title), a straightforward image of a fetish ritual is transformed by placing a majestic, pair of wings behind the prisoner, their representation is just ethereal enough to suggest a spiritual rather than a physical existence. The upward pointing tips, like a bird of prey, imply strength and power. Just as well, for the large cog wheel in the foreground threatens pain on a grand scale for this 'angel'.

Platter - Flogged (from 'Demonic Sex' comic)

Platter's more recent 'Demonic Sex' series of comics explores these sorts of themes further. I suppose demonology might be regarded as a fetish in it's own right were it to be capable of physical realisation. The scenario where a pick-up transforms from stud into a horrifying, devouring beast is certainly erotically stimulating and sums up the human condition rather well, hence the perpetual popularity of the classic, monster-horror/ 'beauty and the beast' genres. The flogging transformation (Flogged) above is just the start of the hero's trials at the hands of one of the more enticing varieties of demon which Platter conjures up, with luscious attention to the relevant detail! This image is reminiscent of Bill Ward's comic style.

Platter - Gargoyles (from 'Demonic Sex' comic)

In Platter's hands this is just the gateway to a succession of abduction scenarios neatly summed up by the 'Gargoyles' composite above. A demon interrupts a leather bondage session and converts the participants. 'Demonic Sex' is generously laced with humour and caricature cameos which are just as interesting as his older work. I'm not keen on the grotesquery here but I really like the idea behind this little story - two men taken and imprisoned within another form, transformed into servants. How much more delicious though, if they were deserving villains rather than the easy leather queen target!

Platter - Foreskin (from 'Demonic Sex' comic)

The angel, above, enveloped by a devilish foreskin is genuinely original, funny and erotic all at the same time but the rest of the story is peppered with bloody, ritual death and regeneration scenes that I suspect would be unpublishable as erotica were it not dressed up in humour and devilish fantasy, where the normal rules governing pain and death are suspended. It's a funny world!

Platter - Feed! (from 'Demonic Sex' comic)

My final frame shows the hero's subjugation and induction into his new role as servant of the demon, it's pretty erotic with or without the horns, beautifully conveying not just lust, but domination as well. A terrific artist.
The samples of Demonic Sex presented here are just selected frames from the comics and not full pages. The originals are available from Triple Six Comics.
Sean's own website is at Decadent Arts
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Splatter666 said...


Thanks a ton for featuring my art. I'm Sean Platter - of "studio splatter" fame. :-)

Since you posted this on your blog, I've moved my erotic work to a new url. So please link to this: .

I really enjoy your work. I like the fresh faces of your men. There's a realness to them that adds a lot to your fantasies. Nice work!

Thanks a bunch,
studio splatter

Mitchell said...

Thanks Sean, I'm honoured by your comments!