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Monday, 22 November 2021

Strip Poker 4 - Welcome to the Slave Transit Camp

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Late at night, a driver had knocked at his door with tickets for a surprise weekend away with his girlfriend. He had 15 minutes to throw some underwear and swimming trunks into a case. "I'll meet you when you arrive" the message said. But she wasn't at the airport when he landed, just another driver holding up his name on a piece of paper. A long drive had brought him to this remote camp which wasn't at all the luxury hotel he had expected, he needn't have worn his posh suit after all. 

He was so relieved to see her there, waiting for him and looking as gorgeous as ever. They kissed long and passionately and then she took him a hut, which he thought would be their quarters. But there was a guard on the door, and when it was unlocked he saw the hut inside was full of bunks and little else .....except for a lot of other men. 

They greeted him warmly when he was pushed inside, inviting him to join them in a game of cards, but they all looked tough, very rough and ready, not at all like the city types he normally mixed with. While he was wrestling with this confusing situation, he heard the door close behind him and the sunlight that had streamed in through the door was extinguished leaving only the light of a bare bulb. The guard and his girlfriend had gone. A key rattled in the lock. 

He turned to his new room mates. They were looking him up and down, very strangely. He realised that his reunion with his girlfriend had turned him on considerably (big time, his new friends were thinking). He'd been planning to jump into bed with her as soon as they were alone together and it probably showed through the thin fabric of his expensive trousers. Their stares made him uncomfortable. It was starting to feel very hot in the hut.


Original illustration for 'Star' magazine by Mort Kunstler

Text and caption by mitchmen

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otherguise said...

HMMMM!? I wonder who holds the 'ace in the hole'?....or plans to 'throw in his hand'??