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Friday, 19 November 2021

'Cop Duty' by xth13teenx

xth13teenx - Cop Duty 1 - You Are Under Arrest (detail)

I occasionally feature Chis Redfield, the games character from 'Resident Evil' here at mitchmen. I'm not a gamer but I like his character of a very attractive, 'moody butch' man in his original 'official' images (although he changed in later releases). There's a lot of fan art around for him but much of it reinvents his appearance (e.g. Ariel XY, WithNoTitle). This artist, however is very true to the original.


xth13teenx - Cop Duty 1 - You Are Under Arrest

The other interesting thing about Redfield was his involvement with 'biohazards' which created imaginative foes for him in the gameplay and fan art. This image is clearly not about one of those encounters although this androgenous 'cop' is not quite normal. Rest assured it is a man though, seemingly the sort of wierdly camp villain Hollywood likes to pitch against superheroes and secret agents from time to time. As a sterotype of menace it's a double-edged sword for gay men*, but it still manages to create a sense of sinister uncertainty for Chris. He looks great here, bare topped and handcuffed as he submits to a groping search up against the wall before being hauled off to the slammer. It looks like we've just missed his shirt being ripped off leaving only the tie round his neck.

* I should perhaps explain that this artist's output is not homophobic, in fact most of it depicts Chris Redfield's intense, gay relationship with a BSAA colleague Piers Nivan. Their intimate moments as a couple are explored with great sensitivity and mirror idealised heterosual lives.


xth13teenx - Cop Duty 2 - Quid Pro Quo

In this interrogation image, it becomes very obvious that Chris' opponent is not a cop at all, which makes the situation seem all the more confusing and threatening as he places his foot on the chair between Redfield's thighs, something that one couldn't imagine real cop doing - even a bent one. The chair bolted to the ground and futuristic, sound-proofed surroundings imply what you might call 'greater forces' are behind all this. In the face of it all Chris manages to preserve his manly poise in a most attractive manner. The slightly mystifying title becomes clearer in the images that follow. Sadly I only have fragments of them but they still succeed in stimulating interest.

xth13teenx - Cop Duty 3 - Going Down
Chris is forced to give service (I told you it's a man!) and his still-cuffed hands create a nice sense of submission even in this severely cropped image.

xth13teenx - Cop Duty 4 - Favour Returned
It's something of a surprise when the cop returns the favour. At this point he is revealed to be Chris's lover Piers and the whole charade an elaborate love-making roleplay. Chris makes another great, chest-out pose as Piers gets to work between his legs.

xth13teenx - Cop Duty - 5 Top to Bottom

The give and take continues on an even more intimate level. Even though these images are severely censored the sight of muscular hero Chris being stuffed still excites.


 There's a big gallery for xth13teenx at Deviant Art but the Patreon site referenced on the last picture is empty and appears to have been abandoned. The more explicit images signposted there don't seem to be available on the internet right now, not even for ready money.

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