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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

More medical male bondage at mitchmen - Curious Examination

Todays picture - curious examination - complements the mitchmen S+M Clinic series which continues at Mitchell's Yahoo Group. A patient awakes to find himself naked, restrained and being subjected to highly unconventional procedures.

In a way this photo manipulation encapsulates the potential for terror in the Hospital/Clinic setting. It loses nothing from the absence of visible organs, the Doctor completing the bondage process and the look of horror on the patient's face gives quite enough of an erotic lift! 

The syringes embedded in the man's body and the forceps clamped on his nipples explain why the restraints need some tightening. They hint at clumsy experimentation which you can see as comical or ominous according to taste.

This could easily be one of the 'mitchmen' boys slated for corrective therapy
 ....or maybe a bit of surgical enhancement for the enjoyment of future users.

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