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Monday 8 April 2024

The Destruction of Channing Travolta - 3

 Continued from Part 2, or you can start reading from Part 1

Somewhat chastened by his run of defeats, Channing tones down his hair for his next fight, a return match with Max Quivers. He approaches his opponent more carefully but his character hasn't changed, as his flashy white boots suggest.  Max expects a little more respect than Channing's thinly-disguised smirk.

He makes his displeasure clear to the arrogant young man, 
using the proffered hand to pull him into a vicious knee raise.
It lifts Channing into the air and leaves him gasping for breath. 

Channing collapses onto the floor but Quivers follows him down.
He's seemingly intent on twisting Channing's head off his shoulders,
as if trying to finish what he started in their first bout, see Part 1.

The grisly reminders for the young upstart continue 
as Max switches to one of the choke holds
that he tamed him with in that first meeting.
Channing's spirit seems to ebb away.
(but I do like that groin shot!)

When Max relents, Channing is left dizzily stumbling. 
The fight has barely started, but already he is forced to crawl.
It's a humiliating acknowledgement of his inferiority.

Unfortunately, his grovelling makes his foot an easy target for Quiver's quick grab.
He twists it into a half-Boston, levering Channing's knee joint and stressing his back.
Channing whines in dismay.

One leg lever quickly becomes two, 
Channing spots the full Boston Crab torture coming his way. 
Predictably, he makes a panicky, desperate grab for the ropes.

Quivers simply yanks him back to the middle of the ring
and punishes Channing's arm joint for it's part in the cowardliness
Channing can't believe how much it hurts.

However the sight of his exposed, arched torso 
has inspired Max to give a more appropriate punishment.

Channing learns from the seasoned sadist that the sanctuary of the ropes
can also become a place of inescapable restraint,
leaving him wide open and totally defenceless against a cruel barrage of blows.

Channing bleats about the rules and Quivers sets him free.
He retreats into a corner, desperately clinging to the ropes.
The chunky hunk has been reduced to a very sorry state, 
and mealy mouthed, he acknowledges Quiver as the victor.

But it his ordeal is not yet over,  
Quivers' jacket drops on to the floor in front of him.

Channing scarcely has time to register his dismay before Max steams back in, feet first, 
Contemptuously he pins him, squealing in protest, against to the post.

Channing is dragged back to the centre of the ring for a celebratory reprise of punishment.
He's anchored there by a painful figure 4 while Quivers relentlessly assaults his back .
Endearingly, Channing endures it all grimacing in pain.

But Quivers is denied the pain fest he wanted
Channing can't (or won't) fight back any more.
It's like he's been completely squashed.
But he ain't seen nothin' yet!

View Channing v Quivers at Wrestler4Hire (with video trailer)


More of Channing's attempts to break into the wrestling big time in the next post!

Thanks to Wrestler4Hire for the pictures

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