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Thursday 11 April 2024

Mitchell's Cowboy Folio 8

Mitchell - Fear The Lash

A rule-breaking cowboy braces himself for punishment.

This is based on an unfinished, very early work which in the original,
showing the subject kneeling, eyes raised to heaven, like would-be saint. 

I have substituted this cartoonised version which has a more interesting, apprehensive face.
(the original is included in the folio at Adonis Male)

Mitchell - Wagon Wheel Punishment

This picture is even earlier and even more circumspect about the fate which seems to be in store for the subject. Interestingly, neither of these images portray bondage which is a surprise to me, looking back. It seems an obvious embellishment given my track record in later life! 

Mitchell - Wagon Wheel Punishment (cartoonised) Sweaty

This cartoonised variant has given the condemned man a more sensual physique.
It suggests a sweaty struggle has taken place to extract him from his clothing. 
A necessary preparation before tying him to the wheel.

Guest (?) - Promotional Ad for Male Classics (1960's)

My original sketch was inspired by this rather beautiful drawing  that appeared in the British, 'Male Classics' range of beefcake magazines in the late 60's promoting subscriptions to their various titles. Rather appropriately it seems as if the young man in the ad is being pulled in different directions by the choice available.

My youthful imagination saw him being stretched out to receive punishment. His loincloth cum pouch in the picture looked very improvised, loose and insecure, a temporary arrangement to save his usual clothing from damage during chastisement and create a more ritualistic air. The shiny fabric had an intricate, arabesque pattern which suggested a rather superior sort of enslavement to me, one where even the servants were given panels of silk to protect their modesty. The sheen suggested a significant presence underneath.

I'm not sure what gave me the idea of pinning the unfortunate to a wagon wheel.
They are a regular presence in Western movies and TV series of course
 and I quite likely saw one being used as a whipping post at some point.
However there is also a parallel with the Royale Studio image below.

Royale Studio - Unapproved School - Part 2, No 24

At the time I drew my picture I was not familiar with this memorable Royale Studio image from 'Unapproved School' (1959), but it's hard not to make a connection. The Male Classics group who published the inspirational advertisement had been strong supporters of Royale in their heyday and produced a remarkable pictorial tribute to the Studio after it's demise (see Royale Studio Blog - Timeline article). However, I've not found this Royale image in any of their magazines that I might have seen at the time.

Mitchell - Wagon Wheel Punishment (cartoonised) Voluptuous

In this final variant, AI has produced a strikingly voluptuous body.
It's paired with a Manga-style face that seems quite incongruous to me 
but that's Artificial Intelligence for you!

The wheel has morphed into padded, fan like prop
that might have been used in a burlesque performance.


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