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Sunday 30 August 2020

The Art of Amalaric, Part 3 - Hunks and Their Manipulators

 Forced slavery is a recurring theme in Amalaric's work, but other stories have subtler entrapment scenarios. In these tales, some of the attractive young men which are a hallmark of Amalaric's images get extended roles in plots which showcase their physical beauty and unveil the destructive lust that it generates in other men. Unlike the heroic, but ruthless, Owein in 'Gladiator', these men are typically characterised as ordinary, nice guys with physical jobs and the sort of sex lives you would expect to go with their looks. But they tend to have personalities and weaknesses that make them vulnerable to manipulation and intimidation and this allows skilful predators to isolate and exploit them. 


301 Ryan At Work (from 'Bobby')

Ryan (above) is one of the most memorable. He works on a farm where his underwear-revealing jeans and predilection for stripping off his T-shirt catches the eye of the farmer's son, Bobby. This is one of number of scene-setting images in which Amalaric pays homage to Ryan's beauty, by showing him hard at work, unaware of our interest in him.

302 Bobby Fantasises

Ryan hardly notices Bobby, who has to content himself with watching him at work and fantasising about imprisoning him in the basement (above). The Ryan of Bobby's imaginings has a glorious muscular torso and 'open fly sag' which cries out for attention. However, it seem Ryan's disinterest in Bobby even persists in his fantasies and the visual disconnect between the two men in this picture underlines the fact that it's just an illusion, not reality. Bobby seems a sad, lonely, insignificant figure, with a diminutive stature that matches his diminutive name.

However there is much more to Bobby that that. He bides his time and eventually catches Ryan burgling the farmhouse (a foolish attempt get recompense for wages he thinks he is owed). Threatened with incriminating photos and the Police, Ryan agrees to take a summary punishment from Bobby instead. He imagines he can handle anything the insignificant Bobby can come up with, it will only be some minor humiliation, maybe a bit painful. Bobby makes him wait to find out.

303 Ryan Arrives To Take His Punishment

In this image Ryan reports for his punishment as agreed, putting on a brave front. He has unwittingly dressed himself in Amalaric's standard punishment attire - white Tee-shirt and blue jeans - displaying nipple and crotch details that seem unlikely to diminish Bobby's lust for him.

Ryan is surprised to find that Bobby has brought in some hard-looking friends to help him, one here brandishing a cane. But Bobby gives Ryan no chance to change his mind, he immediately takes control, unbuckling Ryan's belt and pulling out his shirt. Ryan is paralysed by the combination of Bobby's assertiveness, the agreement they made and the presence of the other men. He allows himself to be handcuffed.

They force him to run to a remote, abandoned shed, still handcuffed and at the end of a tether which is strung between his legs inside his jeans, chafing his crotch. Humiliating? Tick. Slightly painful? Tick. 

So far at any rate......

304 Ryan Is Forcibly Stripped

In this image we sense Ryan's bewilderment as the gang begin to properly strip him of his clothes in the dark, secluded hideaway. The ritualistic significance of gradual undressing pervades Amalaric's work and this half-mast position is another regular 'Station of Disrobement'. Bobby (left) coolly surveys his idol, helpless in his power at last, although Ryan is still ignoring him. But this is just the beginning, they have plenty of time to fix that. I won't spell out the rest of the story but Ryan suffers grievous physical pain and sexual humiliation before Bobby lets him go.

Despite his lust for Ryan, Bobby doesn't go beyond groping him and administering a dildo. He remains fully clothed throughout. This outcome is not unusual in Amalaric's stories. Sexual intercourse is not a given. It is sometimes hinted at, sometimes happens but usually it isn't described and if you're not attentive you may miss the allusion! Sexual illustrations and erections, are equally rare (although many doctored images circulate).

Afterwards Bobby doesn't bother Ryan again, the affair stays their secret, with Ryan's silence guaranteed by the incriminating photographs of his bungled burglary.

'Bobby' is not a tale of enslavement but of power wielded through a mixture of clever manipulation and assertiveness. Ryan is not Bobby's first victim in the story, nor will he be the last, but his tale is a notable read for the way he delivers himself into the predator's hold, partly out of arrogance, not suspecting the real danger until it's too late.

305 Prison Guard Rusty Gets The Shock Of His Life

That is not the end of the story. Eventually, years later, Bobby picks on the wrong guy and is caught. Ryan comes out to testify against him and Bobby is sent to prison where he suffers the usual, stereotypical abuse from inmates and Guards. But in a bravura reprise of his manipulative skills he gains revenge and brings down a more worthy target - the brutal, bullying Guard, 'Rusty' who loses his job as well as his underwear in a painful termination interview. In this spectacular image, the snaking wires show Rusty's energetic writhing in response to a vicious electro assault as Bobby's sadism, steadily escalating throughout the narrative, plumbs new extremes.

You'll have to read 'Bobby' at Aquadude Bunker to find out the rest.


306 Todd Sanders – TS3 Asked to complete the equation

There are similarities between the story of Ryan and that of Todd Sanders (above), not least the physical appearance of the 'leading actor' which obviously presses buttons for this artist. Todd's torment originates in an educational institution for older students where he is sent (unwillingly) to get a maths qualification that has long eluded him.

Todd's rebellious attitude and striking appearance immediately make him stand out and attract the interest of the Course Lecturer whose secret fetish interests are triggered and become an increasing obsession focussed on Todd. Eventually The Lecturer finds a way to make it a reality and begins his campaign by putting Todd's (lack of) maths knowledge to the test in front of the whole class (above).

Todd is humiliated by this and makes an angry scene, but the Lecturer takes him aside and confronts him with CCTV evidence of his having had illicit sex with another student on the premises. He agrees to do anything to avoid expulsion and possible Police action. You will observe he has come to class conveniently dressed in the Amalaric, come and get me, punishment outfit.

307 TS6 Todd Forced To Strip

Back in front of the other students, Todd is told his bad behaviour will be punished with corporal punishment. He wasn't expecting this, but terrified of his misdemeanour being reported and intimidated by the status of the Lecturer and the eager, watching audience, he submits, just as Ryan did in similar circumstances, but Todd's downfall takes a different direction.

Todd is forced to progressively strip naked in front of the class while the Lecturer delivers an impromptu seminar on male anatomy and the theory and practice of corporal punishment using him as a demonstration model. You have to read the story to understand how this monstrous feat of totally humiliating a grown man is accomplished. The step by step pacing ensures Todd doesn't forget the awful alternative if he refuses and it gets harder and harder for him to escape. This is just one of a number of erotic images depicting this public humiliation, with the half-lowered underpants showing sexy glimpse of pubes (another erotic 'Station of Disrobement')

308 TS9 Todd Sanders Publicly Spanked

‘I think we will reserve Todd’s buttocks for the exclusive attention of the paddle.’ 

With those words Todd finally learns the full flavour of his humiliation and Amalaric has selected a delicious bottom for him to offer up for his public paddling debut, which includes the added embellishment and embarrassment of fellow students joining in as spankers..

Afterwards, their agreement is honoured and the CCTV recording is destroyed. Todd has got off more lightly than Ryan did and the lingering threat of failing his course deters him from speaking out. However the Lecturer's desire for him has not been satisfied and shortly afterwards Todd's laddish personality delivers him back into the Devil's eager hands, when he transgresses US drinking age laws.

309 TS16 Todd Sanders Lowers His Jeans

Todd's reports to the Lecturer's house for his second chastisement, relieved that at least it's going to be in private. Once again he is made to perform a strip, once again he displays his delicious buns. Amalaric captures beautifully this moment of dejected compliance, allowing us to peek over the Lecturer's shoulder and share his unbridled lust. A belt lashing follows but Todd, the archetypal author of his own misfortune, foolishly complains that he is being treated like a child. He is allowed to redress and persuaded to descend to the basement to complete his punishment in a more manly, fully clothed fashion.

310 TS22 Todd Sanders in the X-Frame

In the basement Todd is greeted by this chunky timber frame. It has the dark flavour of the guillotine and the gallows but he is too naïve and too intimidated to guess it's true import. He does start to object but with a mixture of guile and assertiveness, the Lecturer pushes him into it and manacles his wrists before Todd is able to summon the will to refuse.

At this point Todd is doomed and the cosy, private punishment scenario vanishes as two of his fellow students turn up to watch the show. Despite the promises given by the lecturer, he is ritualistically stripped and secured before being given the lash.

X-Restraint is much favoured by Amalaric. It comes in various guises and plays host to most of his abductees at some point in their ordeals. This highly refined 'X-Frame' must be the high altar of that fetish and is the subject of much image experimentation, most recently for example, in the little story of 'Buddy and the Bookies debt' and, with Todd demonstrating again, 'The Ultimate X-Frame' (don't you believe it!), both at Aquadude Bunker.

Amalaric's pictures sometimes have a slightly 'posed' look but in stories like this one they are not intended as a stand alone snapshot of the action, but as an accompaniment to a lengthy narrative, priming, teasing and giving visual clues to details which are difficult to describe in words alone (like the X-frame). They don't even necessarily match the narrative exactly but can give a slightly different perspective or dimension. Illustration 303 above, 'Ryan Arriving for Punishment' is an example of this. He's actually wearing a top-shirt over his T-shirt when he first arrives and there is no mention of the cane in the story but the image certainly embellishes the atmosphere!

311 Todd Sanders Cock Whipped

Todd suffers multiple humiliations and horrors in the basement (along similar lines to Ryan) before he is released. As a gratuitous extra he is the recipient of a cock whipping finale. The Inverted-Y restraint shown here is designed for that specific purpose, spreading the legs wide to allow easy access. The green colouring of the picture seems to express Todd's deep-seated nausea generated by this ordeal.

(This cbt is a separate, belated punishment for his original sexual delinquency, apparently the intense, public spanking was merely given for bad behaviour in class).

In these pictures Todd seems to be accepting his ordeal stoicly but he certainly doesn't suffer in silence. If you're wondering why he doesn't go straight to the Police afterwards you need to read the Todd Sanders story at Aquadude Bunker which ends with a cruel twist.


The manner in which Ryan and Todd are lured to their fates, having provided the rope to hang themselves makes for fascinating reading. Amalaric is a skilful persuader but these stories would seem incredible were it not for the plentiful evidence of real life that many people are simply too nice, too innocent or simply not quick enough or strong enough to resist determined operators and their blackmail - even when they sense the consequences will be dire.

But the story of Dave McGuiness in '24 hours' takes that to another level.........

312 Examination in Haskyn's Office

Dave McGuinness is a hunky, construction worker who tries to persuade a heartless Banker not to foreclose on his parent's mortgage. So he's a 'nice guy'. The image above might suggest that he's using his male allure to influence the discussion, but this is actually his first 'task' after agreeing (in writing) to an arrangement that postpones payment of the debt in exchange for him doing jobs for the banker at his house. This Tee-shirt lifting is prompted by the banker's flirtatious wife, but in the picture it's the banker who looks as if he's about to eat him - and who can blame him given those extraordinarily grope-able jeans and the teasing glimpse of underwear?

313 First Taste Of The Strap (24 Hours)

Dave agrees to start work the same afternoon but when he arrives he's accused of being late and learns that the Agreement of Indentured Servitude which he's signed entitles the banker to punish him for any misconduct. Mindful of the fragility of his parent's position, he submissively bends over the settee presenting the lustful banker with an enticing view of his worn, work jeans. His slightly out-of-kilter pose reflects his impetuous, 'get it over with' attitude which has already led him into murky waters and this incongruous display in an ordinary living room exemplifies the topsy-turvy storyline. Dave accepts a humiliating, full-length, strap spanking before going out into the garden to work. The thick denim material might mitigate his pain somewhat, but as the uniform of his masculine, working man's identity, it amplifies his degradation.

314 Jarhead Revisited

As the day wears on, getting hotter and hotter, Dave is forced by his 'employer' to progressively strip off items until he only has his underpants on, not even boots. During this time he receives escalating punishments for laziness and insubordination. He knows he shouldn't accept this treatment but is cowed by the Banker's status, his threats, legalistic gobbledegook and the freely used, heavy strap.

Finally Dave is so confused that he even allows the Banker to shackle his ankles, supposedly to curb his temper and with that his grooming to be a prisoner is complete. In the classic, naked workman image above he looks understandably lost, confused and humiliated, perhaps imagining how his workmates would mock him for effectively volunteering for enslavement and working in underwear and shackles.

N.B. The picture title is a reference to the film 'Jarhead' (2005). Dave is a former Marine and the banker taunts him about a scene in the film in which a new recruit is branded. You'll have to read the story at Gay Bondage Fiction (link below) to find out what happens to Dave.

315 Dave Rides The Orient Express

Once Dave succumbs to wearing shackles the pretence of a work contract is dropped, he realises he won't be allowed to go home as the Banker and his wife both seek to make the ex-Marine their personal sex slave.

His refusal brings down ever more brutal punishments on himself, including a memorable scene where he spends hours suspended in Shibari bondage whose devastating effects Amalaric describes in telling terms. Dave becomes an accessory for the Banker's passion for all things Asian, his suffering body is just another display item in a show of wealth and exquisite taste.

‘Please, man, don’t leave me like this’.

These are the workman's plaintive words as he's left with the rapidly escalating pain to reflect on his rapidly diminishing options.

316 The Banker's Playroom

The story climaxes in the Banker's basement playroom where this simple variation on the X-restraint prepares Dave for his sexual submission, which the Banker is making a last effort to talk him into. On the way there have been escape attempts and a special guest appearance by the dreaded 'Bobby' who unleashes his own uniquely electric ability to inflict intense pain and humiliation. He forces the ex-Marine to submit to a dildo but at a terrible cost and there's still no real gratification for the Banker.

'24 Hours' is tale of entrapment and heroic resistance. Although his captors subject Dave to repeated humiliations and truly terrible abuse, they struggle to extinguish his spirit. He is exhaustively groped and sexually tortured but avoids true sexual intimacy with any of his captors. It is a typically-Amalaric story of suspense with a bizarre but believable entrapment scenario, the victim's gradual separation from the outside world (symbolised by the loss of his workman's clothing) and the mounting horror of his incarceration. The title tells you this story has a 'proper' ending and it is one that is both unexpected and clever.

(from '24 Hours' at Gay Bondage Fiction)


Ryan, Todd and Dave all suffer undeserved imprisonment and punishments (which I've largely glossed over here). But they all contribute to their own downfall with mistakes and misjudgements. They can all see that they're being exploited and that it's escalating out of control, but somehow can't quite believe it and fail to take the chance to escape, delaying too long for fear of the alternative consequences until suddenly they are trapped and the predator can drop his pretence. But their behaviour is actually very human and endearing and of course, the last thing we want is for them to cut and run. No, they endure their extraordinary fates with manly fortitude and live to tell the tale – except that for one reason or another, they can't tell.

And so it goes on......

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