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Friday, 13 March 2020

Franco Swimmer Spanking and Night Visitors

Franco - Spanking My Pool Boy
I have expressed my admiration for Franco's new photo-manip style at length in Part 2 of his A-Z article here, but in this recent posting at Telemachus12 he seems to have moved to a different level.

He has found an uncanny ability to capture the handsomest of men and enhance their masculine credentials to the level of what can only be called 'sex on legs'. The attractive body hair on this rather grown-up 'pool boy' is accentuated by a slightly grainy texture in the picture and whilst we don't know what offence he has committed, his enhanced rump makes him eminently spankable. In fact he might be in the process of earning another punishment by soiling the bedding.

There's an extra ingredient in this image that for me lifts it to another level and that is those swimming trunks, relegated to half mast for the purpose of ensuring a good tanning. How often has this poor pool owner had to watch those buns, sheathed in shiny, blue Speedos, bobbing up and down in his pool? It's crime against sexual moderation.

Franco - Gloating
He's created a similar effect with this image, with sagging jeans this time adding that extra ingredient of identity for the handsome offender and making a daring sexual allusion in the pose. The student setting stretches credibility a bit, but the odd-ball appearance of the professor certainly adds to his humiliation.  I can also visualise this character surrounded by burly workmen who might be rather more interested in following up on that scorched, tempting rear.

Franco - Oh That's Amazing!
 Franco has moved into new territory recently, adding tentacle creatures to his imagery, benign beings it seems, with a liking for male body fluids and the ability to groom their favourites into leaving their bedroom windows open at night. This variation on the classic Dracula theme provides a neat solution to the knotty problem of defining what one of these creatures actually looks like. They can still lurk unseen outside, while reaching in to tantalise and feast on their subjects, a scenario that's realistic enough to be (almost) believable. I love this man's sexy hair-style which suggests he might have a liking for unusual sensual experiences.

Franco - The Alien Tentacle Feeds
The twining tentacles in these pictures make an allusion to bondage imagery which is much to my liking too although for Franco it's purely in the interests of added pleasure. This image with it's relatively youthful subject links the tentacle fantasy to sexual exploration and self discovery in the privacy of one's bedroom which might be regarded as the real meaning of the tentacle phenomenon

Franco - Midnight Visit
Those ideas also link together in this image which features the Pool 'Boy' we started with playing host to an equally inexplicable midnight visitor. The billowing curtains make you think of Dracula again and you might see a superficial resemblance to the movie characterisation in his face but he seems to be totally uninterested in this poor man's neck (I really can't call him a boy!). I've explored this scenario myself in my 'Night Visitor' series which includes a spanking outcome in one case, so this picture really warms my cockles.

Franco - Harvesting
 Franco's popular lab rats are also benefiting from his new inspirations and this one caught my eye because of the nicely grown up 'rat' but also because of it's striking perspective, which is inherently more dramatic of course, but also creates an immediate visual pathway (you might say) from the man's face directly to the milking device whose workings seem exceptionally easy to understand. It has a substantial size and standing in between the subject's spread legs you get a real sense that it's a powerful device and it's totally in control of him.

These new images are very exciting and I'm looking forward to what he comes up with next!

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