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Tuesday 1 March 2016

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Victor Le Graphfist

Victor Graphfist - Cigar Man

The clue to Victor’s principal subject matter lies in his name, in his pictures he explores all the ins and outs of the fisting world. However, this first example is a straightforward image of a Leatherman drawn in an attractive, luxurious style. It tells us that Victor draws men not pretty boys and the cigar is suggestive of a particular sort of heightened ‘real’ manhood. The gas mask tells you that you’re entering a particularly specialised territory with this artist.

Victor Graphfist - Man 2006

In the second example we have another, not especially pretty, man. The detailing of areas like the hair and the leather chaps is good but the depiction of his nether regions is outstanding, full of luscious curves and sensual shadows. The picture actually seems to direct the eye to this focal point with a subtle gradation of clarity which comes into sharp focus between the cheeks. After you go away, you may find that this detail is all you remember which seems a remarkable achievement, although perhaps not particularly beneficial to the artist.

Victor Graphfist

Some of his images are less polished than this and might almost seem academic were it not for erotic activity (in fact some of his images are vanilla, nude studies). The tentative explorations of these two, slightly self-conscious models make for quite a charming image in its way, the feel being reminiscent of early Tom of Finland. However, the ‘in your face’ exaggeration of the anal area transplants it firmly into modern porn territory.

Victor Graphfist - Spitfuck

That anal theme also overshadows this image (literally!) but I’ve chosen it mainly as an example of his more cartoony style. It also shows some of the earthy sensuality which was hinted at in the previous images I presented. I’m not sure the juxta positioning of the two elements quite works in technical terms.

Victor Graphfist

This image is more conventional but it oozes with erotic excitement, emanating from the obvious sexual activity down below which is emphasised by the upward looking perspective. But it’s pumped up to a more thoughtful and interesting level by the hairy faces above, interlocked and lost in the sensuality of the moment. 

Victor Graphfist - Haltero

For my money this is one of Victor’s most erotic images blurring as it does the boundaries between real sporting activity and extreme sexual pursuits, the one interacting with the other. The depiction of the sportsman’s face is attractive and his loose-fitting vest is a nice erotic embellishment which emphasises the nudity of his impressive rear quarters. His crouch tells us that those weights are heavy, pushing him down so as to impale himself, but it is the only way he can rest his muscles. The extreme size of the dildo matches the massive weights creating a supreme test of masculinity and strength. In weightlifting, this fully-squatted position is often indicative of an athlete having difficulty in making the lift so this imports a little frisson of ‘predicament’ as well.

Victor Graphfist - ASMF

There are a few examples of bondage in Victor’s work and seeing this, it’s a pity there aren’t more. The tight hog-tie position is convincingly portrayed and the couple enjoying themselves in the background provide a story-telling context which is often lacking in the bondage genre. As in most of Victor’s work, there’s not much sense of the dramatic or sinister, the tests of his characters are limited to the scale of the physical challenges they take on.

Victor Graphfist - Dos

Whilst fisting is a major part of Victor’s work I have limited examples here, partly out of personal preference, partly out of deference to the host of this blog. However I would always find space for a work of this quality which is a relatively mild expression of an extreme activity. I love the dramatic pose, the face, the rendering of feet and arms in the foreground, the head and body hair - just brilliant. Victor’s portrayals of sexual coupling are earthy but refreshingly natural and cheerful.

You will find a generous selection of Victor’s work at his website Graphfist including plentiful fisting imagery. Oddly enough these pictures, though extremely graphic in content, are not always particularly erotic (at least not for me) and I confess I find the levels of anatomical detail in his most intimate works a turn-off, but I wouldn’t want to stop anyone else from exploring or enjoying it.

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