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Thursday 14 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 27

Tom's taking heavy punishment and desperate to escape
He struggles with the binding round his wrists 
which was improvised from the rags of his own T-shirt
the old perished material rips allowing him to wriggle free.

He gets as far as the front door before the guards can catch him
Breaking several antique vases on the way.
Outside the snow is falling on a winter wonderland.
He will have to battle through it naked.

Mitchell HG27 - His Own Belt
This thought delays him long enough for the security men to grab him
They bring him back struggling and force him to the ground
saying he is not yet free to leave until they tell him so
and they will go on punishing him until he obeys.
Beaten with his own belt on tenderised buttocks, 
Tom finally breaks.

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1 comment:

speedoric said...

Thx for this series,read at one sitting 1-27. As suspected, the hairy-lad of the opening has been shaved down (gr8t) and we are now into a spanking story with a moral purpose....but our lad may be losing his straight cherry before we finish. Brill tale ,thx