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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 38

Tom hears the sound of a childish voice
There are shouts of delight as unwrapping begins,
but Tom's box is not touched yet,
since the biggest and best are saved until last.

Tom sits and listens awaiting his turn
His pain is returning, he wants to call out 
But he knows it will spoil that excitement and glee
A bringer of joy he is not meant to be.

Then at last it's his turn to be revealed, 
the outside wrapping is roughly torn open
and the cry goes up

"Daddy thank you, 
you got me my Toy Box!
Gosh! Is there something else inside too?"
Hands scrabble with the lid,
are delayed by the fixings
Then it lifts and light floods
into Tom's tiny dark world.

The brightness is blinding.

Tom sees fragments of figures,
hears a gasp of surprise.
He should leap out and run
but his muscles won't work.
Frozen he sits there
and says he is sorry

Mitchell HG38 - Gift Unwrap

"Daddy, daddy, you got one for me!"

This is no child speaking,
Rough hands seize Tom's ankles,
he's lifted out of the box
and raised up dangling upside down
displaying his plugged and purpled ass
to howls of delight

"On the first day of Christmas
 my Daddy bought for me
 a spanked man in a Toy Box!"
"Daddy, daddy can I take him to my room to play?"

To be continued..........
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