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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 31

 The Security men return looking very pleased.
It looks like they've been cleared to go home.
Tom hopes he can go now too.

The security men explain.
"The Police still won't come to get you, not on Christmas Day .
 We can't put you into our temporary custody suite back at base either, same reason.
But we won't babysit you any longer, we've got homes to go to you know!".
Tom nods, his hopes of freedom rise.

"Unfortunately the house owner won't agree to let you off with a warning.
 So we have to turn you over to him, that's the procedure.
He can sort you out when he gets back, which will be in the morning".

"So do you want me to wait here for him?" asks Tom  incredulously.
As soon as they're gone, he'll just find some clothes upstairs and walk.
"Yes," replies the Security man, "he's given very clear instructions about it"

They take Tom's arm and propel him towards the debris of his visit.
The kitchen chair lies on the ground where it was tipped over earlier
Tom thinks, 'they're going to  tie me up again, but I can still escape'.

Mitchell HG31 Gift Box

But he's wrong, they take him to the box 
which he opened when he arrived and found to be empty.
It's still standing amongst the torn and screwed up wrapping paper.
'Get in" says the guard.

"No!" cries Tom "You can't do that!"
"That's our instructions" says the Security man impassively.

to be continued
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