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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 25 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 36

Tom awakes with a start, a clock is striking
He counts the chimes wondering how long he has slept
They seem to go on and on, is it was striking 12 again?
That had been the signal for two apparitions earlier tonight
Surely that can't happen inside the box?

But he is wrong.
He becomes aware of a dim ghostly presence 
It is inside the box with him.
A certain poised tension.
Then suddenly the lid of the box bursts open above him
a figure shoots past him up and out through the gap
precariously balanced on the top of a sort of spring.

Mitchell HG36 - Jack in the Box

Tom recognises who it is, it's his friend Jack
his one-time mentor in the gentle arts of thievery
and of breaking and entering.

That was before Tom reformed his life
and got himself a wife and a job.

Jack disappeared last Christmas,
left town with the Police after him it was rumoured.
He'd gone to London.

As the apparition fades along with it's ghostly message
Tom suddenly becomes acutely conscious of the plug in his ass
It moves with perspiration of his body inside the hot box.
He wonders what it's purpose is
....and why did Jack really disappear?

A terrible fear of the unknown grips Tom.
He is suddenly desperate to get out of the box,
but scared of what is waiting outside
and what will happen to him then.

To be continued
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