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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Art Of Amalaric - coming soon

Amalaric - A Disciplined Argonaut

A major new series of articles reviewing the work of the artist Amalaric will start soon here at mitchmen.

This introductory image graced the old Chained Muscle website for many years and in many ways it typifies the work of Amalaric - A hunky man with military credentials who's been made a captive.
Scantily clad in just a loincloth, he's been deprived of the identity afforded by his uniform.

He watches his comrades departing on another adventure.
Most of them will have already forgotten about him.
He is left to face his punishment alone.


Bartolomeu Dias said...

It's just a little ridiculous thought, but as longingly as the prisoner looks after the ship ⚓ sailing away, there will certainly be a young guy on board who is still (just as sightfully) thinking of him. 💙 But maybe he's really just mourning the dwindling freedom, and I'm a romantic.

Mitchell said...

A new romance might be coming his way soon, if someone spots him chained like that!