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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

First Catch Your Rogue - 23

1. First catch your rogue,

2. Next, give him a stern talking to...

3. Make sure he understands what he did wrong

4. Don't leave anything out

5. Explain carefully why his viewpoint is mistaken

6. Don't let him wriggle out of it.

7. Don't let your compassion spare him anything.

8. Maintain civilised standards of behaviour, gain his respect

9. Sum up the main points of you complaint in simple terms

10. A reformed man is a joy to behold

You'll know when to stop, but don't let compassion stop you from doin the right thing.

Once he knows where you're coming from,
He may attempt to persuade you to relent. be strong, but hear him out first by all means.

If you think the cops may be too busy to come, it's OK to put him up for the night.
Offer him a wake-up call, so he doesn't oversleep his appointment.
If he looks like he doesn't believe you, so much the better.
He is a rogue after all, let him do the worrying!

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Images acted by Dane Stewart (the householder) and Alex Hawk (the rogue)
courtesy of Bound Gods

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