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Monday 16 April 2012

Shaving Fantasy

This set of images of Thomas from DreamBoyBondage neatly expresses the control fantasy surrounding shaving and described in my last post. Thomas is secured to the wall by brackets bolted round his wrists. It's 'pre-sentencing' - for crimes against underwear perhaps?

Left to contemplate his position, his struggles produce a fine, stressed torso pose

When his underpants are ripped off, Thomas struggles even more.

The application of cool shaving cream does not soothe him either.

The jailor settles to his task removing every last pube. 
Thomas can only watch as his body is defiled. 

The young men on this site often appear already shaved, 
you don't often get to see it happening!

I don't know if 'the spray' is just water or something more stinging.
Like alcohol, say.

Thomas is not simply humiliated by the symbolic attack on his manhood, 
he quickly discovers that his newly exposed sensitive skin is a target for painful torture.

Thanks to DreamBoysBondage for the pix

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