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Wednesday 8 April 2015

YoMero 1 - Transformation Art

 YoMero - Black-o-matic

This picture is by a Mexican Artist called YoMero, who also goes by the name of 'Jesus-on-the Rocks'. It shows a man who has just been transformed from white to black in the Negr-o-matic chair. This process (completed successfully, the screen says) is attended by a substantial increase in body bulk both above and below the waist - I love his bulging chest and split shirt sleeves. The uniform of the chair operator is similar to that of a policeman but it's not clear if any coercion was involved in getting the subject into the chair (unless those gold bangles have magical restraining properties!)

YoMero - White To Black

This picture shows the process of transformation. There is no obvious causation this time but the outcome is the same. The consternation of the subjects in these two pictures as their new form becomes apparent reflects their surprise and confusion at a truly life-changing event rather than any dubious racial attitudes. (In any case if this is a humiliation to him it is entirely self-inflicted. A like for like retribution which is entirely appropriate and conforms to the spirit of traditional morality tales).

YoMero - Dreams Come True
The sense of innocent bewilderment is more obvious in this rather nice, Kafka-esque image where a (stereotypical) white boy awakes one morning to find himself black and the possessor of a ferocious tool. The title tells you that there's no funny business going on here but it does make you think about how you might react to such a challenging development!

YoMero - I Wish......

YoMero's benign intentions are made plain in this pair of pictures. A muscle guy makes a wish and the (black) genie of the lamp duly obliges, making his little buddy big and black, to the wish-maker's obvious delight. Maybe his pal will come round to the idea too or perhaps (like me) he finds the stereotypical template of his new being a little over-cooked. The element of control here isn't quite sadism but provides an interesting twist.

 YoMero - Goodbye my old me

YoMero's vision of black malehood in this picture could hardly be more flattering. He tones down the stereotyping just enough to produce a handsome, physically impressive and confident sexual being. It's a dramatic contrast to the awestruck, anxious boyishness of his former self. 

This cartooning style, slightly sensuous and just realistic enough to genuinely erotic is almost traditional in heterosexual porn (Eric Stanton for example). It's much less common in gay stuff, possibly because the mandatory gauche male in the supporting cast (as here) is not how we like to see ourselves.

 YoMero - Black Magic 1

There are more unfortunate stereotypes here (at least according to today's rules of political correctness). However, although these black 'natives' do not wear clothes they do have superior powers to the white man (in contrast to Tom of Finland's foray into Tarzan Land). You can guess by now what the fate of the trouserless explorer is to be and I suspect the trigger for the process is dangling right in front of him. Unfortunately I haven't found the illustration for that moment yet but I like this image anyway for it's expression of calm domination and anxious submission. 

My next post will cover this artist's other work, 


speedoric said...

White to Black (yr title?) is rather more specific:its Latino to black.

Mitchell said...

Thanks for the comment. All the titles in this post are copied directly from YoMero's Deviant Art Site.