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Monday, 19 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 6

Little + Large

Bound Gods productions often depict super-muscular heavyweights knocking seven bells out of weedy looking (relatively!) subs. It's not a scenario that hits my buttons, by and large, I prefer a more equal contest less suggestive of men hitting boys. However the imagery from this encounter between Spencer Reed and Zack Alexander (probably better known for more conventional porn) is full of little gems despite Zach's exceptionally boyish face playing up to the stereotype.

The storyline is set in a bar where Zach strikes up a conversation with Reed, a plausible looking barman, and persuades him to give a bondage demonstration - rather less plausible.

Anyway Spencer soon has Zach stripped off and is burrowing in his pants, I love to see underwear in these films and this image is a good example but inevitably it's appearance is all too brief(!) Zach's slender body looks great here.There's a sense of the size mismatch between the two characters but it doesn't prepare you for the next picture.

This image is just wonderful as beefy Spencer towers (teeters almost!) over the kneeling Zach, like an ogre in a fairytale taunting his normal-sized captive. The fact that the camera angle flatters the size of the man in the foreground makes it all the more impressive. Zach looks suitably intimidated - as well he might. He's held in nice economical bondage here. Spencer's state of partial undress (hooray for clothes!) tells you what is about to happen next, fortunately for Zach some body parts are less amenable to bulking up than pecs and biceps!

As the bondage lesson gets going there's another super 'little and large' moment, Spencer appears to grow even bigger with his clothing removed, Zach has a decent body but is hopelessly dwarfed.

The one-legged bondage position shown here is a Bound Gods favourite. In Japanese rope bondage it's a torture in it's own right forcing the victim to balance his entire body weight on one leg for so long that it becomes excruciatingly painful, meanwhile the other leg is bent right back (tighter into the back of the thigh than here) in an position so unnatural that it also becomes unbearable as time passes (and is ultimately crippling). 

In this faster moving scenario, clearly neither fate is going to befall Zach, with his slight build it would be much less effective and doesn't produce interesting bunched up thigh muscles either so I'm not sure that it works that well here. However, this cheek squeezing moment is a beautifully simple expression of condescending dominance with the victim helplessly immobilised.

Eventually Zach ends up stretched across the bar top with legs 
held open so that Spencer can insert a ball hook. 
Zach acts his socks off (!) wincing with the unpleasantness of the forced entry, 
his bare feet waving in the air are a visual treat.

Zach squirms on the bar top as Spencer forces the steel implement deep inside him, 
rewarding us with a beautiful view of his abs,
 all tensed up as testimony to the physical struggle taking place. 
Not massive in size, maybe, but beautifully defined. 
His clenching feet convey the discomfort of the penetration he feels. 
A fitting finale.

Ref: Bound Gods 9485 Bar Bondage Hookup

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