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Monday, 5 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 3

3 Cop Caught Out
In this choice from my favourite Bound Gods moments, it's not the props that make the impact but the simplest of bondage and punishment combined with good casting and a nice twisted story line. The 'Creepy Janitor' who stalks and abducts college jocks has been a recurring theme at Bound Gods right from the start. Brenn Wyson currently plays the creepy part and he can certainly look scary.

In this film, his secret is discovered by a young cop, played by an actor known only as 'Ned', whose blond hair and clean cut looks create an impression of youthful professional integrity and enthusiasm which, naturally enough, the evil janitor mocks. However, this cop turns out be more steely than he looks and in his search for the truth, strings Wyson up for interrogation.

This image with Wyson stripped naked and balancing on a block is unspectacular but I love it. In the context of the story, vulnerability is the wrong word to use, although there's a hint of the noose about this construct. Wyson's nudity and exposure is brought out strongly by the precarious position, the tight upper body restraint and the fact that Officer Ned is still in full uniform. This lashing is a prelude to an improbable sequence of complicated tortures and sex, but there's a great twist as Wyson eventually escapes and turns the tables.

Now it's the young Cop's turn to be stripped and he is stretched out in a hanging position that produces a beautiful arching of his body, a classic back-stress position which will become increasingly painful with the passage of time and showcases his pert buttocks.
Wyson ruffles his hair mockingly.

Ned's dangling equipment is soon taken in hand, to be tweaked and abused. 
The directness and intimacy of this torture is very powerful and the result written all over Ned's face. Wyson's vindictive pleasure at his captive's helpless agony is hammy but right in character
 - and don't his muscular arms look great!

Officer Ned goes on to get the lashing he deserves. 
Bound Gods have a knack for making it look real and Wyson certainly puts his back into the job. Great sequence.

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