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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 4

4 Bandaged Legs
This post showcases Dominic Pacifico whose supple body has featured in some fantastic Bound Gods images. I could have chosen a number of moments from his films, but this fairly recent one is most memorable for the leg bondage employed.

I love to see the models wearing clothes because they enhance the body. 
Dominic's jeans really show off his thighs - which are soon to become a focus of attention.

The 'doubled-back leg' form of bondage in which each ankle is secured to the back of the thigh is very photogenic. The position naturally causes the thigh (and calf muscles) to bulk up and the ties draw attention to this, so it looks nice. It also disables the prisoner in a very obvious way. 

This original variation, in which dark bandages are wound round the entire doubled-back limb, including the foot, magnifies both these effects. Dominic's legs are rigidly fixed in an un-natural position, a recipe for intense pain if the restraint is prolonged. The dark bindings somehow conjure up all sorts of associations - the middle east, female dress, medicine even, a heady brew!

I like the idea of the captor spending time over preparing his victim, so that he looks attractive and erotic for his punishment. It shows a sort of appreciation of him as well as demonstrating absolute control.

 Job done, Tyler Saint can savour his prisoner's manly qualities.

From the front the 'disabling' effect is even more striking and slightly shocking, flirting as does it with amputation imagery. The dark bandages perform the same visual function as waders (and stockings!) do, drawing attention to Dominic's thighs and unprotected, dangling cock. Forcing him to balance on his knees like this reminds him of the limits of respect for prisoners, it's another Bound Gods trademark.

Dominic's wrists are loosely restrained and this makes his balancing position doubly precarious. It produces the exciting sight of the victim trying to keep from toppling under the onslaught of lashes. I love the tension in Dominic's arching body and the spreadeagled legs. Of course his efforts only serve to keep him in the firing line and present a more exposed and inviting target, which Tyler attacks with gusto. As always the models contrive to make it look painfully real.

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