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(Aug 1st 2019)

Mitchell's Gallery Hub

Mitchell - Cry Baby Plays for the Whites

At the moment my pictures are scattered about in various places.
I'm planning to bring it all together in a more coherent shape some time.
As a first step I've brought together here all the links showing where you can find them.....
If you know of other 'unofficial' collections feel free to add them via the comments facility.

The mitchmen Yahoo! group
Presently 'mitchmen' at Yahoo! is Mitchell's principal gallery. 
but this will be changing in December 2019 due to a Yahoo! policy change

Presently it has most of my published drawings and illustrated stories of men in jeopardy and is regularly updated with new releases. These will move to a new location 
Watch this space for more details.

After December this group will continue as my mailing list 
subscribe to receive new pictures and stories as they are published.  
I post more explicit and challenging fetish work there - not in this blog.

Like all Yahoo! groups you have to join to participate but it's free.
 The only requirements are a working e-mail address and you have to give your age.
 Apply here 

The mitchmen blog
That's this site!
 I post pictures here regularly and it's currently the largest official collection - around 150.
To access them directly, click on the 'mitchpix' label 
either in the side bar or at the foot of this sample page
To see a collection of images created by other artists but modified by me, 
visit this post and click on the 'mitchmods' label at the foot of it.

The mitchmen blog gallery
a selection of my favourites in a gallery attached to this blog

The gallery
a small group of vanilla (but sexy!) images attached to my 'gateway' site

DeviantArt gallery
I have a tiny presence at DeviantArt featuring coloured images
in larger versions than I usually post here and which I will gradually add to.
click here 

N.B. If any of my sites disappear ................ should always survive to signpost where to find me
 and if it doesn't I will resurrect it at another host so keep looking!

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