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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Dungeon Art by Papa-Con - The Abbey

Papa-Con - WrongAnswer

Papa-Con specialises in mature men and their mistreatment and this group of images features a middle-aged character who's fallen into the hands of some monks with unorthodox attitudes. I've often imagined a series of images in which an intrepid 'Indiana Jones' sort of explorer stumbles on the hidden treasure of a Monastry only to discover it's not abandoned, lost nor unattended. These images fit that storyline nicely. Beginning with the head monk showing his displeasure at the intruder's answers to his questions. Copious quantities of sweat indicate his ordeal has been in progress for some time.

The artist shows great panache in depicting the slap being delivered to the helplessly bound and naked victim with the judicious embellishment of a cartoon-style 'sweep' and 'impact star' . I imagine the captives arousal might be considered sacreligeous in context, but you never know with monks. 

The 'wood-cut' style with extreme, contrasting shadowing recalls the 'Devils' series by Olaf and other 80's artists. It's skillfully blended here with more sensitive detailing.

Papa-Con - The Dungeon

A birching seems an entirely appropriate method of chastisement for any unfortunate intruder. Monks use this on themselves so why would anyone else found lacking be exempt? Nevertheless, it's not a light option unless the perpetrators so choose and the double-barrelled line up suggests they won't on this occasion. Hands to feet bondage adds humiliation of an awkward posture to the victim's pain.

There's a touch of the Oriental about the poses of the monks here.


Papa-Con - On The Horse

The interrogation continues with a ride on the horse, a crude torment but delivered via a sophisticated, well-built device, which suggests there's much need of correction in this facility (or frequent intrusions by unwelcome visitors). The arched, restraint position is highly erotic with roping detail that gives a great impression of a strong man made helpless. I like the tied toe

The captive is being coaxed into an erection with slaps administered to the back of his head to encourage the desired response. This probably isn't intended to provide sexual gratification to either party (well not only that) but is perhaps a further interrogation or an attempt to draw a confession from him. The intended climax, I suspect, is indicated by the incense sticks burning in the foreground, possibly about to find a new 'niche'.

 I've featured a whole series of images at mitchmen in the past showing a device like this in use (see 'Riding the Wedge' label below) but without the luxury of seating. The captive is forced to straddle the 'wedge' which can be as sharp as the interrogators deem fit. That wide block is not the most comfortable of saddles to straddle either but the provision of a flat seat also provides a platform for the captive's balls which would otherwise dangle down at one side and be hard to get at. In this fiendish design there is also a projection of some sort at the rear which might be a pivoting wedge (or a blade like an inverted version of the office, paper guillotine). In addition, the pegs constraining the captive's thighs can lowered, it seems, pulling him down more firmly.

Papa-Con - Pagan Ritual

I noted an oriental influence before, but this image might easily be mistaken for Tagame's work in both content and style. I always think this candle torment looks worse than it really is. The total immobilisation of the captive and odd orientaion dilutes the drama too, compared with images 1 and 3 above. Surprisingly, the rendering of the monk is probably the main point of interest here and I'm glad he keeps his clothes on, thus preserving the sense of  a dispassionate and remorseless, cruel torturer.


 Papa-Con (aka Akinokina aka OkiBearz) specialises in mature men and their mistreatment. They sometimes seem to verge on the senile, with white flowing locks and wispy beards. Pensioner-bashing is unattractive to me as the beating of children but his less extreme visions of aging such as those above are very welcome.

Continues in Part 2

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SoupGoblin said...

Very nice! I believe these are also illustrations for the novel 'The Initiate', by J. Swartz.