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Friday 24 June 2011

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Olaf

Olaf was a prominent illustrator for magazines like Drummer in the 80's and his work is much admired for it's technical skill and detail, typified by the Inquisitive Cop picture below.

Olaf - Inquisitive Cop (my title)
There's an element of tribute to Tom of Finland here, in the cop's face for example. The amazing detail in the tweaking hand suggests a photographic reference which is legitimate in my view as long as there is 'added value' by the artist.

Olaf - Slave's Gambit
Many of his pictures hint at fetish subjects without depicting anything very specific, no doubt a consequence of commercial constraints. The enema example here is an exception and it makes a dramatic statement. Technically there's quite a contrast between this picture and the previous example with somewhat muddy detail in the mid-section. It almost looks as though two different poses have been 'married' together. I must say, however, that the treatment of the bound hands is excellent.

Olaf - Devils 3
The final example is completely different, one of a series in which two devils ravish a man in a churchyard. To me this is a glimpse of the real Olaf, full of spontenaity and excitement, and unashamedly glorying in lust and eroticism. The blobby shaped background is a bit odd but in this picture technical correctness simply doesn't matter, it expresses it's subject with great panache and life, qualities which are rather less apparent in his 'better' art.
I don't know of a specific site for Olaf.
There are small exhibitions of his work at Erotic Art Collection and at Gay Erotic Art Links
You can also get a book of his work - just Google 'Olaf Gay Artist'.
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