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Monday, 19 April 2021

Mitchell's Fetish Art - Kidnapped

Mitchell - False Hopes

 "Sorry to trouble you Sir, but we had a report of unusual noises from this flat.
The caller thought there was a robbery in progress".

"No, there's nothing like that going on Officer, I can assure you", Taggart laughed. 
I have been sorting out something I'm want to sell, tying up some loose ends. 
It was a bit of a struggle and the neighbours probably heard that.
Don't worry, everything's under control now, there's no problem here"

The Cop looked Taggart over, noticing he was flushed and his flies were undone.
Whatever was going on, it didn't look like a robbery.

"Very well Sir, if you're sure".

"Quite sure, Officer"

The Policeman peered past him as though he'd heard something, then he smiled and saluted.

"Sorry to have bothered you, Sir. Enjoy your evening."

"That's quite all right Officer. I will. Goodbye".

Taggart closed the door and whistled softly. Then he turned and rejoined his accomplice who was still restraining Matthews in the Living Room.

"That was close" he said. "For a moment I thought we might have to take down the Cop too. He was certainly cute enough, so I was very tempted, but I think we've got our hands full with this little terrier".

He fingered Matthews tied tackle appreciatively, making the captive squirm in disgust.

"Yes, Mister Matthews" he continued, "you're a real feisty number aren't you? You'll fetch a tidy sum when we put you up for sale. But for now I think we'll take you somewhere safe where we can continue your assessment without any nosy neighbours interfering".

His accomplice snorted with laughter. Together they finished stripping Matthews and packed a selection of his clothes to take with them - shorts, underwear, tee-shirts, jeans...... anything that might be suitable for publicity photos or as mechandise to sell in it's own right. Then they man-handled Matthews out of his flat, unconcerned about anyone seeing them abducting a naked man. They'd be long gone before another Cop could get here. 

As they left Taggart paused to give the empty flat one last look, smiled and switched off the lights. 


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