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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Mitchell's Fetish Art - Another Day, Another Kidnap

Mitchell - Sorry About The Noise Officer

This image uses the same idea as 'False Hopes' in the previous post. A Cop comes calling to investigate reports of unusual noises and unwittingly interrupts an enslavement scenario- but only temporarily. This one though imagines a less sinister context -  a Milkman (say no more!) getting an unusual 'treat' instead of his customary Christmas tip (or his Christmas Box as it used to be called).

It's not clear how the Milkman was persuaded to submit to being stripped naked and tied up. Perhaps he'd already had a celebratory sherry too many with other customers on his delivery round. Perhaps he was lured (Czech Hunter fashion) by the promise of an even bigger tip than usual. Whatever the case, he appears to be embarrassed and hiding from the Cop rather than struggling to to alert him to his predicament. Oh, the shame of being seduced into deviant practices! 

This hairy prisoner is one of my more mature subjects and there's a distinctly adult, inter-generational flavour to the encounter that echoes recent postings of PapaCon pictures here at mitchmen. A single, slowly burning candle gives the scene a spooky, ritualistic atmosphere.


Mitchell - Careful With The Candles

In the sequel, the Cop has been satisfied and sent away with a convincing explanation and perhaps, a tip of his own. The Milkman's unexpected introduction to Festive Fetish Fun has continued and has evidently included a total body shave over the knees of his mentor at this point, which tells us that it must be some time later. Now comes the candle dripping hot, stinging wax onto freshly razor-burned skin. It may sound painful and he may be protesting, but it's evident that he's aroused by it all. An unorthodox, but interesting way of obtaining extra double cream to serve with on the Christmas Pudding.


Of course, this doesn't have to be a Milkman. He might equally be any tradesman who visits your home to do his work - a plumber, electrician, decorator or the ever-alluring, bare-top gardener beloved of soft drink advertisers! The only qualification needed is a curious, adventurous mind and willingness to be persuaded.

These images are both part of a series by Mitchell published in 2011 and entitled "This Christmas ....Will Be Different". It's a collection of mitchmen-style twists on traditional, UK, Yuletide customs. You can view the entire "This Christmas..." series in the permanent mitchmen archive at Adonis Male (free membership). Other Mitchell pictures at mitchmen blog are tagged with the 'mitchpix' label, click on the one at the foot of this post to see them all.

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