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Thursday, 15 April 2021

PapaCon - The Last Word

PapaCon - The Woodsman's Revenge

 This late addendum to the recent PapaCon series here at mitchmen had got lost in my filing system, but is hard to beat as a last word (for now) on this artist. It's impact as a spanking piece is immediate, intense and almost shocking, particularly in the context of an inter-generational element that reverses the usual custom of younger men being the ones who get dominated. 

This particular 'younger man' seems exceedingly handsome and well muscled, his physique honed by his healthy outdoors profession of 'Woodsman' no doubt. His carefully coiffeured hair and neatly-trimmed beard are complemented by delicious, 'grow-back' body hair. This neatness is unexpected in a man who labours outdoors, but his concern with looking neat hasn't deterred him from indulging in this energetic exercise. 

His victim is equally bulked-up but far less mindful of 'style' it would appear. Unfortunately his unkempt hair is proving very useful to his attacker as an anchorage point. We can only guess what misdemeanour has brought this fiercely administered and humiliating 'revenge' down on his backside - or what might follow from the distinctly perky-looking Woodsman.

The technical style contributes a great deal to the memorable nature of this picture with striking but carefully co-ordinated colours and a 'soft focus' shading technique that imparts something of a dream-like quality as well as sensuality. The comic-style 'impact' star adds immediacy and drama but is used with restraint and not allowed to obscure vital details. By bracketing the buttock it actually gives an impression (possibly unintentional) of flattening resulting from the impact.

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