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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Zamius - Lifeguard

If Lifeguards aren't an official fetish, they ought to be!
This humorous series by Zamius is light on butch-ness but big on bulges.
I'm not sure if this chap has just arrived on duty or is rushing off to rescue someone.
Either way his red trunks provide a treat for nearby sun-bathers (remember that pastime?)

In this image our hero has seen something that's got him excited.
Oddly enough it seems to be inland rather that out in the sea.
I love the reining-in function of his whistle here

 The plot thickens! The lifeguard can't believe his eyes.
You may feel the same way. 

Further images in this series progress to a messy conclusion but without further tangible movement elsewhere, we never do find out what or who he spotted to produce this auto-erotic response.
(it's a bit intense, a bit 'social media'-ish at the time of writing)
There's a Patreon link on the pictures

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