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Friday, 3 February 2012

My Fetish Initiation

Classic William Higgins Bondage

I couldn't resist another sample from the archive at Vintage Male Bondage.

This was the first true bondage image I ever saw. I stumbled across it hidden amongst conventional, arty, beefcake photos in a battered magazine and was amazed. It showed me things, that in my innocence, I had never dreamed about, like the doubled-back leg tie and noose-like loops stretching out the ball sack. It was a small and pretty poor quality image, part of an advert for a William Higgins magazine, so it was a while before I noticed the ring gag and tit clip details, but to be honest I don't think the picture really needs these extras. The boyish looking model is not my ideal either, but the sheer helplessness of this captive, forced by his bondage into a provocative body display, makes this picture still both powerful and sexy - and the neat, economical roping is a delight.

You can see more retro pictures at Vintage Male Bondage.

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