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Thursday 27 January 2011


Aquadude - Sun Torture
(from The Pony Express Rider)
Aquadude is one of the unsung heroes of fetish art. He takes the classic 'hero in trouble' theme of films, comic books and pulp fiction and draws out the underlying homo-sado-eroticism. Aquadude's images, created by photo assembly and manipulation, insert muscular porn studs into scenes from classic film genres like westerns and historical dramas.

In his stories, the improbably handsome hero is captured and subjected to a succession of violent and humiliating tortures all graphically depicted in long sequences of dozens of images.

His inventiveness in devising new tortures, tingling with eroticism, puts coventional dungeon porn to shame. He also explores the lust which the torturer has for his victim, the power that the captive exerts, unwittingly and unwillingly, over his captor.

This picture is plate 36 from Aquadude's latest story "The Pony Express Rider" and is a typical striking image. It's not perfect technically (Aquadude's best work is astonishingly 'seamless') but it does demonstrate the montage technique which he uses and it's power to conjure up exciting sexy scenarios.

You can see more of Aquadude's work at Aquadude Bunker
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