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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Guys in Uniform - 10 A sailor and a soldier

Postscript (September 2011) 
It turns out I was completely wrong to attribute this picture to GIU
 - it's a genuine Royale picture, see Royale Article 17
But otherwise my observations stand.
 Sailor in shorts cornered

My final sailor picture (in this sequence) from GIU is a simple one but I think this is a little gem. The sailor has a nice build, an interesting facial expression and his clothes look right. And there's an interesting lump in his shorts too! It's not easy to make the RN cap look sexy, particularly when it's worn correctly but this picture does it. The foreground figure with his tight khaki shorts also looks sexy. The view between his legs as he stands with fists on his hips is artfully constructed to make the sailor look cornered and threatened. 
This picture invokes the time when off-duty rivalry between the services was quite liable to erupt into brawls. Just one small flaw! The soldier's shapely legs appear to be bowing inwards, probably because his feet are turned out. It slightly detracts from the menacing stance but otherwise this is a perfect finale for the mitchmen review of the work of 'Guys In Uniform' Studio.
Next time I will be looking at GIU's predecessor from the 1950's - Royale Studio.

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Jack said...

Sailor boys in tight shorts are hot! Sweet!