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Sunday, 27 May 2018

A Life of Pirates

Julius  seems to be imagining a sort of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', erotic theme park here
 with randy semen sorry, seamen providing entertainments for the boys.

"Get yourself kidnapped by pirates, 

authentic raping and pillaging extra".

This one seems bored with it all, he's probably missing his phone.

Actually, I quite admire Julius' Pirate in this picture.
I mocked a well known model recently for wearing head-gear like this,
Julius gets it to look OK, the size of the crown is just right.

What I don't get is the young man of dubious age, seemingly awestruck by the Pirate's Post.

Julius often positions them like this, just visible in the corner of the picture,
like the cherubs that hang around deities in medieval art.

I suppose that comparison is possibly apt, but why does Julius do this?

He obviously likes drawing mature, muscular men, in some stories there's page after page of them.
At the same time, there's not a lot of indication in Julius' art that he actually likes boys that much.
They are frequently relegated to the periphery or background of the image.
His drawing of them, even when they fully visible, does not suggest he admires boyish physiques,
nor that he's overly familiar with what they look like (unless he's being very cunning).

However his stories, are always written from the point of view of inexperienced lads
and they often portray the impressive men who they meet, as being not very nice.
They are often controlling and sometimes they force themselves upon their young protegees.
I think we can presume this Buccaneer is likely to be cast in such a mould.

Why does Julius make young men the centre of his stories, but not his artwork?
Perhaps he's reliving boyhood fantasises.

This Pirate seems equally mystified.

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Anonymous said...

Julius appears to have modified his style to accommodate increased sensitivity about portraying boys under the age of consent. See his early work such as Bavarian Chronicles I, where the boys are more central.