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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Art by Otoko Bara

OtokoBara -  Raka Bondage Trouble 01

Captive cops remain a popular, homoerotic subject in Asian art although they seem to have slipped out of favour elsewhere. This sexy overlay of shibari bondage and partly undone clothing is also a very oriental concept. This image is the start of an incremental, undressing series of 8 images. The 'shirt only' and 'trousers only' ones are both sexy but unusually for me I have chosen the 'naked climax' as a companion example for this image, below.

OtokoBara -  Raka Bondage Trouble 06

The intruding telescopic pointer(?) here makes the cops ordeal seem like part of a presentation to a watching audience. The pointer has been doubling up as a punishment implement, judging by the weals on his body (which is why I have selected this image). It seems to have coaxed him into an impressive display for the benefit of the onlookers.

Links at the foot of the page should enable you to find the rest of the series.


I haven't always championed tentacle art here at mitchmen but the grown-up qualities of the muscular man in this example and the sheer sensuality of the image gets it in. As a pencil-bound artist I am envious of the ability of computer aided contemporaries to create semi-transparent, silky and wet textures which are used to the full here to convey the sense of the victims' vulnerability and involuntary excitement, he feels his sexy shorts being invaded and his sensitive areas explored by the marauding arms. 

There's a nice sense of him being lifted into the air, heading towards a sexily arched body rather like a wrestler going into a flying surfboard, however the tight cropping of the image gets away from the sense of detached, dreamlike floating which is so common in this genre. That allows a more down-to-earth  situation to be imagined, like a bed invasion. His wink suggests a typically male wincing in response to the slobbering assault.

OtokoBara -  Obey-Confront

I'm not sure I quite understand the mind control ingredient in this picture but it's a great portrayal of a shibari bondage position. It's a great way to display a captive with the tightly folded legs and bulging pecs indicative of severe restraint. This position is a good deal more unpleasant to experience than it looks. Balanced with his whole weight resting on his knees, the captive soon experiences great joint discomfort and ultimately, if not released, serious injury, so be careful about trying this at home!

OtokoBara -  Waiter 1

Much of this artists work explores the fantasy of mentally undressing fit men who we come across in connection with their work. This waiter is a fun example.  I like his cropped top.

OtokoBara -  Waiter 1

I like this teaser. His facial expression suggests he knows we're looking!
Or at any rate feels uncomfortable.

There's probably a nude variant of this picture with all the trimmings at Patreon.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 1

The lycra-clad cyclist is a modern homoerotic icon. 
His pec-reveal here is very sexy and I like the trickling sweat on his arms and legs. 
It seems to be soaking into the lycra around the groin area, a nicely captured detail.

The 'almond eyes' this artist uses work well here, 
again there's that sense that he feels he's being watched!

The artist goes on to give that 'undressing with the eyes' idea a modern twist.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 2

Who wouldn't want a phone that could do this?
I've seen sun-glasses used for this fantasy in TV ads before,
but this is more a believable variation.

OtokoBara -  Cyclist 3

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds cycle helmets a turn off.
Apologies to those who get a kick out of them.

OtokoBara -  Knives

This artist is quite good at inventing sexy clothing, but this gingham top is a bit left-field.
I'm not arguing with those knives though, the scars are warning enough!

OtokoBara -  Wet T-shirt

Yes please!


 Lots more at OktokoBara  at X-Twitter and a link there to Patreon

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