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Friday 1 December 2023

Beautifully Bound

 Clean, economical bondage is key to this series, that and beautiful male subjects.
This man has a beautiful, lean body, which is highlighted by the overhead restraint
and enhanced (IMHP) by the shaving of his crotch.

'Russian Captured Boys' videos are sometimes quite comical with the fumbles of the bondage 'master' (and the puzzling failure to edit them out). Fortunately, all he has left to do here is give the captive a rosy glow and stalk around looking menacing. The shades are a bit OTT but still count as sinister when you can't get away. Would you like this man to shave your groin for you? 

The captive helps out by looking suitably worried - as well he might with his torso already showing evidence of serious beating. I suspect the tops in these videos occasionally throw in a real stinger, just to keep the slave on his toes and promote convincing apprehension. 

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