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Sunday 3 December 2023

Domination Art by Russ - The Jogger

Russ - The Jogger (1)

It looks like someone butch followed this jogger home
But he doesn't look too worried about it! 
Embarrassed perhaps, about what he was watching on the telly.

The jogger's split-sided shorts were an 80's athletic fashion which allowed freedom (supposedly) for athletes in their sporting endeavours. For spectators it revealed chunky, upper thighs and sometimes more. It was a style that imprinted itself permanently into the erotic psyche of many impressionable young men at that time. These shorts can occasionally be spotted on tracks today and are still turning heads. 

Russ - The Jogger (2)

The cuffs go on, but we can relax, this rough domination is clearly as much a turn-on for him as it is for the faceless intruder. His face transforms, showing an altogether more pugnacious side.

The 80's was the era of Drummer when leather culture burst into the open, championed by the likes of Larry Townsend and Tom of Finland. S&M fetish art suddenly acquired a vividness and exuberance that pushed hard at the boundaries of  acceptability. Bud's 'Smithy', featuring a branding is a good example and the best work of Sean has the same wild characteristics. These all share a cartoon style that cloaks the fetish happenings in boyish fun, but exaggerates the drama to a level that sweeps aside any reservations about the depictions. The characteristion of the intruder here, with massive boots and slightly bowed legs, references the dark style of Macbeth who was also a contemporary. 

Russ - The Jogger (3)

When he asks for a drink of water, the defenceless jogger is subjected to a double humiliation. 
Thanks to the cuffs he has no choice but to drink it out of a bowl like a dog and as he does so, his upended ass is spanked, his flimsy, silky shorts offering minimal protection. 

The contrast between the clothing of the two characters here is a key erotic ingredient.

The plot rationale for this development is obscure, but the imagery is unforgettable.
The face-splashing in the bowl is brilliantly realised.

Russ - The Jogger (4)

The intruder does not allow his captive to rise to his feet.
The chastised jogger submits to paying his respects in the usual way.
Take your pick of the 3 options in this position*.

After being set up by image 3 this outcome seems a bit humdrum. However, Russ makes a good job of expressing the submissiveness of the jogger who is planted between the intruders legs and slightly leaning back creating an arching, vulnerable body shape. Retaining the cuffs in this more explicit image is daring. The similar (and very sexy) submission scene in Etienne's Night Patrol is completely hands-free.  You'd expect that there would be another more probing, pants dropping to follow, but if there is I haven't found it. 

*the options are: suck, shoot, drench


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speedoric said...

Yep the 80s Drummer artists you name, but also Bill Ward in his early Zipper days.