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Friday 7 April 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 5

My initial searches for Mitch Colby's fetish appearances had limited success, uncovering just 3 films (Parts 1-3). However, when I dug a little deeper, I soon discovered that his Naked Kombat wrestling film with Dak Ramsey was just a small part of a lengthy career in what is called 'erotic wrestling'. My searches were far from exhaustive but I was able to find 24 'contests' involving Mitch and produced by BGEast. Spanning the years from 2007-2015, they comprehensively straddle the period of Colby's fetish appearances, which it seems must be regarded as a temporary diversion from his main interest.

I'm a person who thinks life is to short to watch videos and, as with professional wrestling, I can't get excited over the sluggish transitions between holds and their improbable effectiveness. (I will admit I can waive this criticism when the participants are performing in the flesh before me!)  Fortunately, still photographs of the action allow the viewer's imagination to supply any realism and can be very erotic indeed, so there's no need for me to gloss over this key aspect of Mitch's career.

This image is  from one of his first appearances scrapping with Alexi Adamov. You immediately notice the exotic setting, whose only resemblance to a wrestling venue is the fence defining the limits of the 'ring'. That also serves as a psychological barrier to escape, an element of these contests which takes on an even more intimidating physical form in modern cage fighting. Note the proximity of Alexi's package to Mitch's buns.

 Like most lads, I watched the sport of professional wrestling when it was shown on TV years ago. At that age I was able to gloss over the dubious authenticity of the fighting, patiently waiting for the thrill of a participant's painful submission or a humiliation. This was one of my favourite holds, temporarily freezing the action while one enjoyed the victim's agonised squirming. There's a subtle but distinctly erotic flavour to the bum rubbing which is an intrinsic ingredient of the hold. The delicious garnish of muscular flexed pecs, like Mitch's here, rarely featured with the jobbers in those far off days.

The erotic version of the sport has prettier men and in sexier trunks (just look at Colby's rear end here!). Their fighting usually manages to be even less convincing than the professionals, but then it is just a vehicle for contrived erotic display. The matching here of youth vs experience, agility vs strength, is fertile (and much trodden) ground for wrestling fantasies and there is something immensely satisfying in seeing a brash young man being shown his limitations. Mitch Colby's concern for his vanquished opponent, however, is a touching twist rarely seen in serious combat arenas. It burnishes our hero's 'nice guy' persona.

The gleaming muscular back and moist trunks of Cole Cassidy in this fabulous picture are a reminder that although erotic wrestling isn't 'for real', it does, like it's conventional equivalent, genuinely require a certain level of fitness and sporting ability, as Dak Ramsey found out when he took on Mitch (see Part 4). The exertion would seem well worth the effort to get an armful of this hunk.

Mitch (apparently) finds this opponent a tougher test than young Alexi, but you have to suspend belief at times (just like the pro sport). This hold is potentially quite painful but Cole's grip on Colby's pecs here is not exactly vice-like. 10/10 for the facial acting though. It looks like Cole's attention may have been distracted by Mitch's trunks, which seem to be inviting much closer inspection.

His bulge is mysteriously magnified here but I'm not complaining! This powerful image is both dramatic and erotic, creating an impressive display of Colby's torso and other credentials. It is another of my favourite holds and an authentic re-creation of my youthful fantasies which were rarely and then only fleetingly fulfilled in televised bouts. The sense of domination and struggle oozes out of the picture and being a still, Colby is frozen in this helpless vulnerable state while we contemplate what we might like to do to him! In addition, set alongside Colby's previous whipping of Alexi Adamov, there's a delicious element of come-uppance to this, the strong man can also be tamed.

Mitch returns to an everyday setting and a younger man for this 2008 film called 'Motel Madness'. His partner is Jeremy Burke, who looks very nice indeed in his pale blue leotard. The choice of a hotel bed for their wrestling encounter immediately conjures up erotic imaginings and you can't help thinking that Jeremy is not trying very hard to escape. Never mind, enjoy.

Colby's bicep-flexing, victory pose is an over-used icon in erotic wrestling and usually little more than a punctuation mark in the flow of action. However Jeremy, pinned underneath, contributes something here that's hard to define, but makes this example a little bit special.

I do like this picture which shows Jeremy pulled firmly into Mitch's crotch while being totally unprotected behind.

 The changing of clothing as the fight progresses is another standard ingredient of these productions and it's erotic potential is easy to understand. Often the clothes are ripped off as part of the fight, but in this case I suspect those expensive leotards were spared for someone else to use in another film. You can get away with jockstraps or underwear under leotards but they do tend to show and spoil the lines (see the first picture in this group). Mitch's sexy shorts however seem an unlikely 'reveal'.

In some films the participants wear multiple layers of clothing which are gradually stripped off like peeling an onion. That's a bit too contrived for me. (The ripping off and shredding of jockstraps which often features as the final exposure in Naked Kombat films, seems even more pointless to my logical mind - and physically unlikely since those garments are designed to hang tough, just take 'em off chaps!).

The photographer makes the most of that cute, exposed bottom in this picture as Jeremy succumbs to the older man's power. Close examination of your opponent's crotch is a standard forfeit for losers and Colby's making the most of the moment, as well he might. But surely that delightfully exposed bottom is an irresistible temptation?

 And so it proves. But, this doesn't look like wrestling, Toto!
Throughout this piece, the hotel setting creates a delightful ambiguity about what is really going on in the story and this diversion into into a completely different department of homo-erotica seems entirely natural. Well, equally bizarre anyway. But pleasing.

We've come a long way from Mitch tormented on the cross!

More next time.
In the preparation of this article I was greatly helped by the treasure trove of imagery at 'Neverland' and Sidelineland. My thanks also to BGEast who own the copyright and will supply you with the videos if you want to find out more.
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