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Friday 31 March 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 4

You might think as I did, that the memorable appearances by Mitch in the films reviewed in parts 1-3 of this series might be part of a glittering career in fetish erotica but I have been unable to find any other films in this genre in which he features.

There's a fairly obscure, vanilla sex film 'Showguys 351' (2008) in which Mitch gets his ass stuffed by a cheery Manuel Torres in a straightforward studio session.

Showguys is supposedly Mitch's first sex film 
and it predates the fetish series where sex is a scarcer commodity.

As in 'Slicked Up', Mitch shows us only his bottoming side.


 There is also a sequel to 'Slicked Up' in the form of a Naked Kombat wrestling match with Dak Ramsey, which apparently had to be refilmed because Dak ran out of puff after 5 minutes in the ring the first time.

 Regular readers of this blog won't be surprised to learn that Mitch's olive-coloured trunks caught my eye in these images, cut as well as colour. (Search on 'olive' for more articles on this subject).

Clothing gets a rough time in these rip 'n' strip sessions, but much as I enjoy the eroticism of clothed bodies, I must confess that Mitch Colby's ass loses absolutely nothing from total exposure. Here Dak gets a ball-crushing.

Mitch has the upper hand throughout the 'contest' and as his reward (and ours) he finally gets to top the hapless Dak, thus gaining some measure of revenge (if it were needed!) for his servitude and suffering in 'Slicked Up'. You get a nice sense of Mitch's tall, lean physique in this shot.

This video is also the key to Mitch's less well-known career and leads us to a surprising reunion.
More next time!
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