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Saturday 25 March 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 3

Two years after 'Shock Treatment' and 'Slick It Up' (see parts 1 & 2), Mitch made an appearance in Slave Traders from Bound Muscle (2011). It's a more significant role as he has to do a lot more than take a thrashing.  'Slave Traders' has a storyline and he has to act, playing a seller of slaves who finds his transaction going awry.

At the start we see him taking delivery of a slave in a wooden crate, it's the long-suffering muscle guy, Derek Paine. Dressed in shirt and chino's and wearing glasses, Colby cuts a quite different figure to the bewildered prisoners of the first two films. However, his muscular shoulders and biceps are still evident, almost bursting out of his shirt, a reminder that with clothes sometimes, more is sexier.

Colby's partner in crime is the Luke Riley who I find strangely alluring despite his hill-billy beard. He looks very fetching in his guard's uniform and proceeds to mop Paine's brow and other areas under Colby's supervision.

Preparation of the slave continues with Riley shaving the man's torso.
His clumsy technique results in multiple, paine-ful nicks to Derek's skin.

Colby doesn't seem to notice.
He watches for a while then goes off to speak to the buyer he's got lined up,
to tell him he can come and collect the goods he has paid for.

 While Colby's away Riley can't resist playing with the Slave and testing him out.
Starting with nipple clamping and punching, it gradually escalates
 into more serious stuff as he becomes more and more excited.

Paine ends up getting a serious pain work out.
Riley shows his appreciation in the time-honoured way by christening him.

When Colby returns and finds his merchandise cut, battered and bruised, he is not amused.
He chains Riley to an upturned table reprimanding him for his irresponsible behaviour.
There's a nice size contrast between them in this image. 

For once Colby is not on the receiving end.
He punishes Riley with a good flogging while the slave watches.

This sequence features some great images of Colby's torso and Luke Riley's pert little ass.
Unfortunately this 'leaning' method of restraint (which must have got quite uncomfortable after a while) doesn't give Riley much scope for reacting to the blows (by writhing etc),
we have to content ourselves with his facial grimaces.

The buyer unexpectedly arrives in the middle of the thrashing to claim his purchase.
He is not amused to find the goods have been soiled and confronts Colby.
The scene now shifts to the buyer's dungeon......

Paine, the buyer's purchase is being readied for a session with the zapper gun. But it seems that, as compensation for his injured state, the buyer has also claimed the man  responsible, Luke Riley, seen here tied to a chair awaiting his due reward. In addition Mitch Colby, the seller, has delivered himself up and is seen here looking on from a cage.
There follows a lengthy sequence of Paine being tortured.

When the Buyer (who we never really see and isn't identified) decides to take a break, he turns his attention to Mitch Colby who's lying helpless in his cage. The Buyer's more annoyed with him than Riley, blaming him for allowing his Guard to sully the goods.

Colbys chunky physique looks well in his metal prison.

The Buyer doesn't punish Colby himself, but turns Riley the Guard loose on him,
 knowing that he is burning with anger about the flogging Colby gave him.

Riley starts by dousing Colby with hot wax - in such large quantities that (bizarrely)
he needs to use a glass, kitchen measuring jug to administer the stuff.
(personally I find they always dribble - perhaps a not entirely inappropriate quality here!)

Inevitably I suppose, when wax is applied there's only one way to get it off
and that's with a hot flogging. Colby's forced to stand on one leg to add to his discomfort.

Luke gives a fine display of a man venting his anger,
prowling round the helpless Colby and lashing him remorselessly.

A sore and aching Colby is left to ponder where he went wrong!

This under-rated film is a great vehicle for him. Although it's young Luke Riley who's the star of the piece, the older Colby makes an excellent foil for his indignation. The young employee getting to thrash his boss is, of course, a most appealing subject however you choose to present it.

See all these and many many more at Bound Muscle - Slave Traders.
You can also buy the video there.

My thanks to Bound Muscle for the images. Their films have a distinctive style which is darker and much earthier than the highly-polished Bound Gods stable. It's some time since they added a new title but their back catalogue is worth exploring.

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