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Friday 17 March 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 2

Around the same time as 'Shock Treatment' (see Part 1) Mitch Colby made an equally memorable appearance in Bound Gods film 'Slicked Up' (2009) with Dak Ramsey. It's a similar storyline, Mitch is taken from his slave cage, stretched out and remorselessly punished.

I love the moment when Dak rips Colby's vest off as a prelude to stripping him completely and getting on with the matter in hand which includes a good deal of flogging and butt punishment.  The Bound Gods trailer for this section is particularly good an I have included it below.

This trailer is a little gem of straightforward S&M without the frills (they come later).
It really does leave you wanting to see more.

As in 'Shock Treatment'  the stretched out position makes the most of Colby's mature, chunky figure. He looks great and so do his buns. His 'regular guy' maturity suggests there's more to this story than just being a slave. You start to wonder why is a man like this in this bizarre situation?

In S&M you don't have to have an erection to look sexy.
This image isn't one of the regular promotional stills but it captures a terrific dramatic moment with Dak putting his back into it. Mitch's total nudity and vulnerabilty is really brought out by the close cropping of this picture (and possibly the placing of the logo too, which is normally so unwelcome). Mitch's fair hair also contributes to this effect, creating the illusion of a shaved crotch, but arguably looking more interesting

Mitch tolerates some pretty fierce punishment during this video and wears a marvellous expression of baffled incomprehension for much of the action. At least, that's when you can see his face. Unfortunately (from my point of view) Dak forces him to wear a red rubber mask for part of the action and he wears a black one himself during the opening sequence (images 2-5, above). That's down to the 'Slick It Up' connection, they presumably sponsored this film. Masks don't really work for me, I like to see faces and expressions, but there is some nice, tight bondage and great flogging in this section (see links below for more).

Bound Gods leave their own distinctive imprint on the film too with the now-familiar 'string of pegs' routine (6, above) and a black, scaffolding-style, restraining frame for the finale in which Mitch gets caned and then fucked by Ramsey. In the still above he makes closer acquaintance with Dak's ass.

This video has a more significant sexual role for Mitch than in 'Shock Treatment', but it's totally passive, all the more so in the rigidity of the restraining frame which doesn't even allow head movement. The free-style opening of this film is much more interesting for me and is enough to make this a noteworthy entry in Mitch's CV. 

(see a different trailer and more stills at Bound Gods No 6690)

I imagine most of you, if you are fetish fans, will have come across the two films I have referenced so far in this 'Hunk Hunt' before. However, Mitch's career beyond these is less well-known and takes a different direction but there's one more fetish film to look at first in Part 3

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