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Sunday 12 March 2017

Hunk Hunt - Mitch Colby 1

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 For some reason Mitch Colby (above) and not to be confused with Colby Mitchell (of course!??) has started popping up quite frequently in my web wanderings of late, in the form of stills from his appearance in 'Shock Treatment' for Fetish Force (2009)

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 I've always liked this scene for it's 'big man being tormented' theme. Mitch Colby's mature, good looks and slightly 'gone to seed' chunkiness is an attractive and very masculine persona. He lives up to that label as he is put through a succession of electric shock torments by Derek Da Silva.

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 Mitch Colby remains bound to a cross throughout the scene and his torment is conducted in front of a very boyish-looking Adam Knox and Andreas Cavalli who have sex in front of him while it is going on. In this image they look on like biblical characters witnessing the public chastisement of a miscreant (and getting off on it - unlike biblical characters - supposedly).

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When Adam is presented to the torturer for his own dose of 'DC' treatment, the dismayed look on Colby's face makes you wonder if Knox is his boyfriend, being led astray or forcibly abused while he, the older protector, can only look on helplessly.

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 This cleverly constructed image gives a great impression of Knox, over-powered by a bigger man and looking very vulnerable. Spreadeagled Colby looks on helpless to intervene, but unable to look away. In this scene Da Silva discharges electricity through his own body to Knox, dick to dick. I don't know how much this hurts but it is erotic!
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 For me, the potential of the 'X'-cross as a dungeon device is largely wasted if the captive keeps his feet planted on the ground throughout and he's simply spreadeagled on it (as in picture 5 above). With this image's clever angling however, Titan manage to make the connection with conventional crucifixion, suggesting suspension and highlighting Colby's hefty physique at the same time.

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It's only towards the end of the film that Da Silva burrows inside Colby's jockstrap to see what's in there. In an odd sort of way, the muted sexuality between these two men gives their drama more substance. Notice how in this image Colby looks away and that disengagement, though realistic in itself, actually creates a less interesting picture than when he watches what is being done to him (as in pictures 3 & 7). The two men's cocks are deliberately lined up in this picture suggesting that the pain is creating an erotic connection between them, but Colby's leaning back pose looks a little to relaxed to carry that off.

Titan's preference for heavily-logo'd, wide-screen teaser images, especially those with rather distant viewpoints sometimes seems to drain them of their drama. This picture is a case in point. That's their prerogative of course, they want you to buy the film, not just feast on the freebies.

These stills are borrowed from Tony Buff's blog and there are many more from this film there
View the 'Shock Treatment' trailer at Titan's Website.

Mitch Colby has a mature, gentle giant look about him, with slight tendency to chubby hairiness that is quite cuddly. In this role that adds a poignant flavour to his predicament. Reviewing it again after a gap of several years, it made me wonder about what other films he had made. Thus another of my 'Hunk Hunt's was triggered and it led me eventually to a most unexpected, but highly appropriate place.

More next time

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