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Saturday, 25 February 2017

No Escape

Benjamin Gelle for Navy Diver

When he thought he was well clear of the pursuing guards Benjamin stopped running and tried to get the electric cage off his body. If he didn't he knew it would continue to send out homing signals leading them back to him. As soon as they got close enough again they would activate it's punishment function remotely and then it would subject his body to a fearsome barrage of electricity. An assault that would only end when the capacity of the battery pack, stored in the pouch at the front of his underpants, was exhausted. He doubted he would still be conscious when that happened. 

Anxiously he felt for the securing clips at the back of his body, but though he found them he could not budge them. Seconds were ticking by. Then his fingers found the padlocks and in his heart he knew he was doomed. Looking down he saw the buttons on his underpants lighting up, one by one, he braced himself and then he felt the tingling vibration round his ribs.........

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