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Friday, 14 December 2018

Homoeros Galleries Guide

Homoeros - 257d_tyler_the_blacksmiths_son_36

Homoeros has been in touch and tells me his primary site for new work now is at Patreon.
It has some free-to-view images, but a small subscription is required to view everything.
(Jul 2019)

The Homoeros Gallery at Deviant Art is back on the air.
The artist tells me it has been censored but there still seems to be plenty of S&M stuff there
It's a good place to view his pre-2019 work - see footnote*.

He also has a page at Renderotica
and there's a fansite at Daddy's Here with an extensive selection of his work.

Read my 7-part review of Homoeros art starting from Part 1

  Homoeros Gallery at Deviant Art is presently configured as one giant, continuous page and the sheer volume of images there makes it very difficult to access older parts of the archive. If you want to explore the other pictures in the series I have showcased here, try using Deviant Art Search with the reference number I have quoted in the picture captions (or the title if it doesn't have a ref number). In some cases you may have to use the full title including '_' symbols to find the image but should then be able to access connected images by changing the number. You can also narrow the field of search using the tags attached to each picture.

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