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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Zamok's Art - A New Exhibition at mitchmen

Zamok - Athlete Subjected to Long Term Extraction (click to enlarge)
Zamok has created this amazing new 'milking' picture to mark the launch
of a new Exhibition at mitchmen, entirely devoted to his fascinating art.
This exhibition contains all of his pictures published to date (link below).

The new piece it is infused with his usual attention to erotic (and engineering!) detail. It shows a muscular young athlete who is being held as a captive in a scientific laboratory. He is stripped naked, tightly clamped and forced to provide semen samples over and over again, day after day, stimulated by attachments and injected fluids. The bottles containing his samples accumulate in the chill cabinet behind him, but no-one will tell him what they are being collected for
..........or why he was chosen to provide them.

In this lab refusal to donate is not an option!

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