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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Art of BrosFate - 3

 In this post I make a quick tour of BrosFate's other projects. The illustration above is from a recent series called 'Slave Sword' and it shows a would-be 'Slave-Gladiator' being punished for disobedience. As you have seen, this artist has an interest in men being subjected to unwelcome groping and gripping down below and he has a talent for portraying it too. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be a common subject amongst other artists, but I can't think of anyone that's done the invading hand more convincingly than this.

'Slave Sword' is somewhat similar to 'Rookie Mercenary', in that two recruits become friends as they struggle to progress in a fighting role. In this case they fall in love and this leads to them disobeying their master.
Both are punished, Ivan above and Aston in the first picture. 

BrosFate has a welcome, uncomplicated approach to creating his imagery.
His frames tend to focus on one subject and are all the more powerful for that simplicity. The elongated leg effect here is very effective, the prominent muscles reminiscent of Kalabro. I like the loin cloth style of groin covering he's used.

This scene, suggesting a slow death by drowning, is reminiscent of film serials of the 50's which invariably ended each episode with the heroes in a hopeless position, apparently doomed. Water tanks filling with water with a floundering victim inside are not uncommon in modern mainstream movies but erotic images are usually less ambitious in concept and this seems quite original, although I recall there is a similar scene with swimmers in Bowen's Watery Trap.

This scenario also reminds me of the memorable water tank scenes by Bound Gods featuring Dante and Rusty Stevens (mmm!) which have something of the same feel about them. (Not to mention my own Preserve Factory and Feeding Time, of course). In all these other cases however the tank occupants were alone, tightly bound and totally immersed, rather than suffering slow, gradual submergence alongside their buddy.

This is another striking image with a historical setting.
It shows a captive forced to work in 'Young Barbarian'

The idea of taming a strong man by giving him a Herculean physical task is as old as time
This appears to be a particularly futile one, to be repeated over and over again.
This giant millstone is a suitably intimidating prop, worthy of Cecil B Demille.
Of course once he's mastered it he may become more of a problem than ever.

We've already seen examples of kick boxing in other BrosFate stories. This example features a surprisingly well-dressed gang member (centre) and is significant in the narrative because it marks the moment of Epiphany for Edgar, the ginger haired hero of 'Blue Justice' (left).

This picture captures well the wild and vindictive kick that fells him.

Edgar's attempt to stop the gang molesting a woman backfires.
He is overwhelmed by their numbers, beaten and disrobed by them.
There are some sexy undressing shots in this sequence.

The gang mock him and run off with his clothes.
With nothing to wear, Edgar is obliged to find his way home totally naked.
This is a classic dream and nightmare scenario, of course
but it's power as a humiliation depends on your personality and local culture.

Bruised and humiliated, Edgar resolves to become fitter and stronger.
With the help of his friend Thomas, he morphs into a very boyish-looking 'Blue Justice'.
There's a tantalising electronic fitting of his 'hero suit' during this process.

For me though, the story of his opponent-to-be is more interesting.
It starts with the mysterious disappearance of a fight champion,
 who just happens to be a bit of a hunk if you disregard his excessive fierceness.

(Interestingly, this black and white image seems more real than the coloured ones)

The fighter has actually been kidnapped by the villain of the piece,
 who, in an unusual twist, turns out to be younger than his captive and far less strong.
He plans to morph the fighter into robot slave soldier to do his bidding.
The transformation process is compellingly imagined in this scene
complete with thought-control helmet and billowing steam.

Of course the human robot fails in his mission, thanks to 'Blue Justice'.
He returns, humiliated, to his master's secret laboratory to face punishment.
This image of the muscular hunk bowing down in shame is excellent.
One wonders if he's still aware of his former existence as a proud Champion.

This frustrated-looking captive with a nice loin cloth and fabulous body is a great image
But he's not the prisoner of some ancient lord but something quite different.
He's a resident in a 'Virtual Dungeon' which involves computer games and blurred realities.
A young man crosses the boundary into a fantasy of possessing this hunky captive.

In 'Debt' a young man sells himself into servitude to pay for his brother's medical bills
That's a theme which Tagame also exploited in his 'South Island' POW story.

In erotica, sitting on your slave is usually a casual put-down or pony-riding exercise.
It gets more real, with an extra twist of public humiliation, in this office setting.
BrosFate tweaks an old idea into something different and very sexy.

 This splendid rugby player is Dave, a character in 'Housemate', one of this artist's earliest stories.
Dave takes in a housemate, Will, who is instantly attracted to him but dares not say so.
BrosFate shows them making domestic arrangements and  becoming friends
So far so ordinary, but there's a very unexpected and interesting twist in the story.....

Will has a secret desire to be a Master and starts searching for a Sub on the internet.
He makes contact anonymously with 'Wolf 'and they arrange to meet.
To Will's astonishment, Wolf turns out to be Will and he's looking for a Master.

 It's a tricky situation with them being Housemates, but they work out an on-off arrangement
Weedy Will's domination of hunky, muscle jock Dave is deliciously incongruous 
and it's already taking effect in this frame as he dictates the rules of their relationship.

His reward is unrestricted access to Dave's fabulous physique
which he can dress and undress and do with as he pleases.

He makes the most of his opportunity and begins to explore Dave's boundaries,
making him pose and exercise and display his body provocatively as a sex object.

They even flirt with public exposure of their relationship. It's that nudity thing again
with the added spice of Rugby Star Jock Dave being found out to be a practising Sub by his friends.
This exploration of the thrill of being dominated is charmingly innocent. 

Finally 'Strange Blacksmith', the most fantastical of all BrosFate's stories.
A Knight visits a Blacksmith to commission a new set of armour
The (very young) Smith measures him up and it seems like a variation of 'Housemates'
 where a yearning young man unexpectedly gains intimate access to a hunk.

The Knight sits and watches the Smith hammering out his armour plate
But the sound of the hammer seems to mesmerise him and he is gradually overcome 
In a series of 'wobbly' transition pictures he imagines himself transported
 to a different, dungeon-like place, where he materialises astride a 'wedge' torture horse

To his dismay and anger he finds he is a captive, naked of course,
restrained by chains as though being prepared for torture,
 and suddenly his dream becomes very real.

He is approached by a horned being of the underworld
He looks very much like the Smith and claims the Knight as his toy.
Then he starts to torment him.

The wedge horse and dungeon in this scene have a genuine flavor of antiquity,
but these tit-clamps are more akin to common or garden leather fetish.
Fortunately BrosFate's imagination is not exhausted.....

Toy seems to be the right word to describe the captive Knight's fate.
The elf (if that's his correct classification) spread-eagles the helpless Knight.
 and produces a strange, snake-like being from nowhere with a magical flourish.
(and that's not the only impressive sight in this image! Nice buns!)

The snake burrows into the Knight's ass.
It's a terrifying demonstration of demonic power.
The dramatic, red pattern of the snake's skin
seems to warn of aggression and danger.

There's an alien takeover scene something like this in one of the Startrek movies but they did not use this particular orifice for some reason!

That particular torment eventually ends, 
but the dream goes on and the Knight finds there's no escape.

Once again as I look at this artist's work I am left wondering,
how can such a simple image like this work so well?

Notice that the elevated status of the Knight, like the fight Champion,
 makes his captivity and loss of freedom all the more humbling


BrosFate's imagination seems to brim with original ideas and he has an uncanny ability
 to produce simple but powerful illustrations to convey them to his audience.
There's a certain youthful naivety in his exploration of fetish relationships
and a yearning for strong men which is an innocent desire we can all remember.
His restrained approach to sexual matters often results in tantalising erotica
 in which our imaginations are invited to supply the lurid detail.
I'm  looking forward to seeing more of his work.

Links:-  BrosFate @Tumbler , BrosFate @pixiv, BrosFate @Patreon
The pixiv gallery has one or two extra pictures

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