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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Mitchell's Fetish Art for December - Feeding Time

Feeding Time
In the 'Long Gallery' of a luxurious, stately home,
a naked man sits, restrained, inside a slowly-filling aquarium tank.
Now that the water has risen above his head, he is reliant on a flimsy tube for air.
or else must make strenuous, awkward movements to lift his head above water.
Meanwhile his fellow occupants circle ominously, watching him tire.

Previously published as part of my 'Neighbourhood Police' Story,
but I thought it made a nice sequel to the October picture of the month .
The two pictures are contemporary with one another
and the formative influences discussed in October apply equally to this picture.
It would also fit in with the story outline presented in that article,
although I didn't plan to use it that way when I drew it.

For those who collect my pictures, this is a new copy  with less obtrusive watermarks

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