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Saturday, 8 February 2020

The Art of BrosFate - 2

This image is from the BrosFate story 'Rookie Mercenaries'.
It describes the attempts of two young men to join an outfit of mercenary soldiers.
You will gather from this picture that the organisation has demanding admission tests
which are conducted with the trialist completely nude.

(The image has been subjected to a 'vanilla cropping' that looks a bit awkward,
 but actually it whets the appetite!)

This character, 'Jade', (who says he has a heterosexual relationship outside the unit),
learns the hard way that boot worship is not merely a symbolic exercise
but a gritty test of willingness to totally submit to the demands of his superiors.

It's a short step from boots to feet, but a significant one, moving the test into sexual territory.
The cropping looks a bit over-enthusiastic here, but I like the prominence given to the foot.
The glimpse of the bystander on the right is a nice, mildly erotic element.

Earlier on, Jade and other applicants underwent a more normal induction test.
I've included this picture mainly because I like the young man dressed in blue, 
or rather his short hair and sensual neck-line, it's one of my weaknesses!
Sadly, he doesn't fare any better in the barrel-lifting test than the contestant we see here.

This is an earlier series than 'Captured Soldier' and you can see that BrosFate's technique is still developing. The aerial, angled view sets formidable perspective challenges which you can see most clearly in the relative sizes of the contestants in the foreground and the bearded judge at the far end of the table. Fortunately our brains seem to disregard these odd effects and focus on the content.

Jade and Andy (with the ginger hair) are the only successful applicants.
Their friendship germinates as they undergo simultaneous medicals in the nude.
BrosFate is unexpectedly discreet here, but he does show Jade's embarrassment
(and interest?) when it's discovered that Andy has developed an erection.

You will have realised by now that humiliation and embarrassment is a major theme of this story.
The medic proceeds to take a swab from each man's backside, putting them in a jar on the table.
Quite what this purpose this might have served in a pre-technology era, I dread to think!

Free to take a break, Andy explores the gardens.
He espies 'Hans' washing himself at the well, which sight flushes out his gay orientation.
The choice of a low viewpoint here creates a nice sense of Andy's submissiveness.
It elevates Hans to heroic dimensions (but the perspectives beyond them are dizzying!)
Sadly, BrosFate passes up the chance to show more of Andy's butt credentials.

Andy is inexperienced and Hans has to give him soldierly encouragement
 and practical instruction in the art of sucking - and then bottoming.
This is a nice use of close-up technique conveying the earthy sensuality of their moment
and allowing us the role of furtive voyeurs.

Meanwhile Jade is summoned by the Chief and interrogated about his sex life.
I'm not usually a fan of historical themes and clothing, but this image certainly makes a good case for young men dressing in shifts. It's amazingly erotic considering you can't actually see anything.

The wide screen format creates a dilemma here, it would be nice to lose those spaces at the side but the height can't reduced without losing vital detail.

By the time you get to this point, it's clear that that the artist is imposing a certain amount of modesty on these compositions. He does show sexual acts in progress, but not the organs. Whether that caution springs from him, his cultural background, publishing legalities, software limits or something else, I cannot say.

It's not always a turn-off as the preceding picture graphically demonstrates and his story-telling is good and well paced enough to off-set the absence of purer filth.This particular example is a little frustrating though! That's partly because the screening-off seems so contrived and unnecessary. The underlying image seems relatively innocuous and is so well conceived (and led up to in the narrative) that it seems a shame not to show us what everyone in the picture is focused on.

The artist seems to have fewer reservations about depicting brutality, even sexual stuff.
 How strange are values in this world!
This is another nice image and for once I think the aerial perspective is entirely appropriate.
Jade's attacker is a well-conceived figure and there's nice continuity
with the glimpse we had of him in the opening sequence of this article.

Hans arrives bringing Andy with him and his clothes are rapidly discarded.
I'm being mischievous in including this image. BrosFate has resolved the issue of unrealistic clothing by the time of 'Captured Soldier' but his caption here is rather ironic.
You can see why he wanted to retain this dramatic moment but it's not his best image.

We can finish on a more positive note as Jade and Andy bend over the table to formally demonstrate their complete submission to their superiors and receive what you might call their blessing.
The vultures seem to be hovering over them in this inspired imagining.
It leads into an extended finale in which the Rookies truly earn their spurs.  

If this article has piqued your interest, 
Rookie Mercenary is posted in full at Telemachus12

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