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Wednesday 23 December 2015

"A Christmas Criminal" by Mitchell (Parts 1-5)

This series has been running at my Yahoo Group for some days
 and I am replicating it here over the Christmas period.
Click on the pictures to expand.


It's a cold night in December, a few days before Christmas.
In the 'Bricklayer's Arms', deep in the shadows of Canary Wharf,
a young man sits alone, grimly contemplating his future.

Mitchell HG01 - Christmas Carols

Even in his misery Tom can't escape from bankers.
Two of them come in, noisily celebrating their Christmas bonuses.
Loudly they discuss the burdens of extreme wealth.

Mitchell HG02 - Banker's Banter - 1


The banker's life of luxury makes a stark contrast to Tom's bleak outlook.
Drunkenly he visualises taking his revenge.

Mitchell HG03 - Banker's Banter - 2


Finally Tom can't stand the bankers bragging about their money any more.
He downs his drink and leaves, so not hearing the end of their conversation.

Mitchell HG04 - Banker's Banter - 3


Christmas Eve.
In the distance a choir is singing ......

................."When a poor man came in sight........"

Mitchell HG05 - No-One Home
Tom still hasn't told his family that he's lost his job.
To hide his terrible secret he walks the tinselled streets alone all day.
Now on Christmas Eve, he finds himself in front of the banker's mansion.

Continued in Part 6

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1 comment:

Corriea said...

3/14/16 11:18p Mitchell The Christmas Criminal
The change in the Thief's appearance is striking. In the Pub he looks to be over 30 years old at least. Then he looks to be 20 and his body is changing from panel to panel. He has a very hairy chest and is very muscled and has a nice pubic bush. Then he is smaller, thinner and has No Body hair at all. I do like the two Beefy guards taking charge and spanking the thief. They provide extra services by placing the intruder in large Xmas box. Torquine will be happy.